Why is Fennec version still 98.2 where as latest Firefox is 99.2

The latest version of firefox is 99.2 where as Fennec is still in 98.2. Any idea why it is getting updated?

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Same holds for Mull browser too but I guess it is different from regular firefox by a bit but why not push latest firefox version?

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I imagine because the two you mention are forks. Without many things from the original version.

Mull for example has an integrated user.js. And first you have to find the things to modify in the about:config and then compile everything. And launch it

The original version has trackers and other things that the ones you mention do not. Even if they give false positives.

So I guess it is for these reasons.

Good things come to those who wait :ok_hand:

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I heard someone mention one of the primary developers for Fennec lives in Russia and that was causing them problems with updating the app. I don’t know if this is true or not.

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Oh I see. Thanks

FYI, the blocking issue with extensions is solved, Fennec/Mull 100.1.1 are coming soon.


My source is here. I don’t know the accuracy of the information.

Btw @SkewedZeppelin will Mull be updated now cause fennec issue is resolved?

Edit : nvm its already updated :slight_smile:

Mull is already updated on the divestos repo so I think it will soon be available on the official f-droid repo as well.

No I am talking about new version 100 update

Edit : nvm it was already updated

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