Which F-Droid Client Currently Using as Your Default Application?

Which F-Droid Client Currently Using as Your Default Application?
  • F-Droid (Official)
  • F-Droid Basic
  • Neo Store (Unofficial)
  • G-Droid (Unofficial)
  • Foxy Droid (Unofficial)
  • Aurora Droid (Unofficial)
  • F-Droid Classic (Unofficial)
  • Droid-ify (Unofficial)
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Used to be bubu and official one earlier, but I had a lot of crashes with bubu one. Finally had to switch.
Never tried Neo as somehow found it too cluttered (in snaps). Rest I have tried but mostly is Official and Droid-ify now. Even for my parents.

F-Droid official since it supports the privileged extension, so I can have unattended upgrades.

Latest F-Droid official (alpha) and Basic can do unattended upgrades without the PrivExt on Android 12 or later :wink:


Droid-ify as main app and Neo Store for saving original apks (because Droid-ify saves apks only in data/data, as F-Droid official apps).

Droid-ify can copy links with a long press, which can then be downloaded through the browser

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Thanks, now i can delete Neo Store, since i finding Droid-ify better in all other aspects, and it’s also less buggy.

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Hi folks, does any have the possibility of a backup?

backup of? settings? APKs? repo list?

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just the apk list to dwl after reboot / changing phone

btw, how could clients backup any of the others?

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client settings and repo list? That’s easy I guess, export to XML or whatever, may apps have that

Droid-Ify can export/import app setting and repo list

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