What types of apps are you missing from the FOSS ecosystem?


Fbreader seems to be back, but I just discovered it won’t remember passwords to OPDS repositories?!?


My List of wishes

I would like to see also a Bitcoin-cash app
I found many text editors but non of them is good to write a lot of text in several files and directories.

Thanks for the developper:
Tasker replacements: Easer
repair SE-Linux: Terminal-> restorecon -Rv /data/data/DIR

@Ildar I also posted my request on https://sourceforge.net/p/opencamera/tickets/129/ I hope it get heard.


I would like to see a MAC-address changer for Wifi


@D_S , Termux:Widget (Launch Termux commands from the homescreen) -
https://f-droid.org/app/com.termux.widget + proper script


I would like to see the EFIDroid Manager on f-Droid:
(Linklist below copied from : https://forum.fairphone.com/t/-2/23344 )


I keep my keepass database in my Dropbox storage and have it available offline in my Android to use with KeePassDroid. Although it somehow doesn’t work if I try to edit the database by adding entries because it saves it as another file.

At least that’s what happened last time I checked, haven’t tried since.


You could try Keepass2Android. It’s open source, but not on F-Droid unfortunately.


APKShare or something similar (enabling sharing installed apps by Email, Bluetooth, Android beam…).

The app allows to share applications which would otherwise only be available after installing Google Apps.
APKShare was formerly available on FDroid but now has KnownVuln Antifeature.
(I use APKShare together with ApkTrack to keep the apps which are not available on fdroid (more or less) up to date)


@olh and anyone else missing the old search in OsmAnd (I know its been a while since you asked but maybe this can still help):

Go to “Plugins” in OsmAnd. There enable the “OsmAnd development” plugin. Open the plugins settings. There should be a checkbox “Show legacy search”. Tick it and you will have back the old search.


I’m suprised that no one has mentioned a spreadsheet, yet.

I want my data on my devices, not on a Google or Microsoft server.

A touch-friendly version of Gnumeric or Libreoffice Sheet, please.


I’d like a maintained and working dialer.


Audio tag editor. Something like exfalso on GNU.


F-Droid does this it-self! Just press Nearby button.


HH:MM:SS clock

A qrcode is easier to automate :slight_smile:


I would like to have a “Recipes” application, where (some features I can think about) :

  • I can add my own recipes (pictures, ingredients, instructions)
  • be able to import from files (.mcb, .mmf, .xml …)
  • and eventually browse web to import from well know cooking sites.
  • ability to search using different criterias (aka several ingredients)
  • ability to sort, to rate, etc…
  • Backup/Export all database (different formats, see Gourmet app on Linux for examples)
  • Save/open from Owncloud or other known clouds
  • Share recipe with some contact
  • Create shopping list with check box from some recipe ingredients

There are many many apps on Google Play, some free with advertising, and all with trackers…


Yep a ‘stupid’ clock, so true :slight_smile:


I asked a RFP for KODI media center.


hello to all,
i’m a newbe in this forum…
yesterday i deinstalled a lot apps from f-droid and today ther is that much silence at my phone that i am very glad…
maybe anybody can point me to a good link or wiki for my problem
…working for 15 years with well known cloud-service i have to contactdatabases which i need to merge…
so i need to sync contacts and calendars bidirectionally to my own postgres database.
owncloud or nextcloud i tried but its not bidiectional at the moment when i still be right and moreover i cant connect or i dont know how can i connect to my own database…
is the an existing single opensource app or an compilation of apps allready usable or maybe any other way to to get this matter solved?


Google sync??? or another Google app to merge contacts?


@carstenk70 , the answer is SyncEvolution. But you really should start a
new topic, not write here. So please no further discussion in THIS topic.