What types of apps are you missing from the FOSS ecosystem?

We often tend to forget how hard life can be without custom ROM and root access.

:rofl: :person_shrugging: That’s unexpectedly funny… then again @SkewedZeppelin only polishes Mull, adds Arkenfox and tweaks :config, Mozilla still does the heavy lifting. And DivestOS is Lineage + tweaks and kernel updates and stuff, so @SkewedZeppelin contributes less that a full Lineage dev, I guess…

I mean by that:

  1. VPN is added to system
  2. Apps say it’s connected
  3. I go to Termux and “ping” > destination host unreachable
  4. I open any website in a browser and it’s not loading

Same story whether I enter “exit.loki” to exit node and “” to DNS or leave them empty.

Android 11 (LineageOS 18.1), Moto g7 Power

Then you should report the problem upstream. You can’t expect someone to write another one to fix it.

I missed a FOSS MinIO client for Android, so i decided to create one

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anedroid, you can get old versions of IceCat if you enable the F-Droid Archive repository.

Just be aware that it’s an old browser app with unpatched bugs security issues yada yada

I don’t use IC anymore but I agree that there’s no great replacement for it, Fennec and FF Klar have their own problems which have gotten worse in the last few years, but if you use something old & more customizable you might be open to all kinds of Javascript and JPEG vulnerabilities and what not (I don’t keep up with the news in that dept). I wish one of the desktop FF forks would find devs & time to publish a mobile version again, but that would deff be a massive undertaking.

I counted 558 known security issues from Firefox 60 final til now.