What types of apps are you missing from the FOSS ecosystem?

What’s the point of “enlarge” ? You can’t get more detail…

Also did you try SuperImage | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository yet? :slight_smile:

try Simple Tools - Simple Gallery Pro:

It has an option in settings “Allow deep zooming images” which allows you to enlarge the fine details of an image.

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I search a way to use AndroidAuto with Lineageos.

you have to flash a full Google apps package, it is completely proprietary and gains wide privileged access.

there is no possible way yet to use it via eg. microG or Sandboxed Play.

Is the whole Android API a close protocol Without possibility to have your own Implementation?

Street­Complete | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository has a non-free utility that uses google augmented reality to measure e.g. the width of streets: GitHub - streetcomplete/StreetMeasure: Measure distances with AR

Are there apps with similar features?

May I suggest a player app for Rumble ? Rumble has been around for years now but their player app is complete garbage. After these years it is clear Rumble will keep sabotaging their site with their piece of shit player app. Their player is the single reason I can not use Rumble. I have no problems logging into the player app/Rumble account if someone makes a “overlay” with a functional player.

Is there an open source alternative for Google Lens? I know there is “Identify Dog Breeds Pro”, but it’s only for dog breeds…

Is there any app for data transfer, packet radio, pocsag with softmodem support for hams and non-hams?

Cab, rental, hotel, flights, grocery, and everything proprietary. Trust me, if I had a conglomerate of my own and was super duper rich I would have everything analytics free and fully open source. Even server side. Just would encrypt client data ans payment stuff where available.

Open Source Software using a closed source server, as far as I understand it. I tested it with one song and it worked without problems. 300 song reconitions seem to be without costs, but I don’t know if it is per month or once per client.