What types of apps are you missing from the FOSS ecosystem?

needs an unlocked device, so no Divest, no Calyx, no Graphene use…

But on LineageOs it should be a good option no ? I mean, in term of privacy and all.

Can Translate You be considered as a good foss tool ?

I go along with the Trebuchet type launcher too. The launcher on my latest Moto phone is useless, a downgrade from that on the old phone.
There is Catapult on F-Droid but it’s not not maintained and is incompatible with recent versions of Android. There’s also Simple Launcher but that seems very buggy and the Simple apps have now been sold and are no longer FOSS.
I desperation I’ve installed the free version of Nova, trusting Tracker Control to look after my privacy, but I’m not comfortable using a Google launcher.

Is there an app that reports the power loss while charging and maybe the concurrent loss of the local wifi or maybe loss of 50% of the wifis and the phone is not moving? I thought of an alarm app while charging the phone and the power failure is not because of disconnecting the phone but because of a problem in the grid.

Is there an app to do a scrollshot (scrolling screenshot)?

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Afaik and see, none in F-Droid world.

There is no any open source Genshin Killer videogame, so i’m creating my own one using godot. I’m creating it for Linux on X86 and ARM. If you have a pinephone with official keyboard you can play it if you force software render mode for opengl, but performance need an improvement. If you know any godot 4 fork with opengl2 support, tell me. Here is my project asgardius/midori-school: An Action Role Playing Game inspired by Alundra, Touhou Project, Megaman X, among others. The only Open Source Genshin Killer This game is made using Godot Engine - Asgardius Code


Equivalent to run on modern devices for

@Jens Will this do it?

Stitch does not help in long snaps. I have tried it as well.


Android supports it natively.

Depends on Android version and OEM feature set

I’ve also seen it not trigger for all views, eg. being scrolled too much down :slight_smile:

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Not all phone have that even today.

it would be nice to have a Parental Logger.

If open the screen, after seting up the required loggings, Show Button for:
Sleep, Eat, Defecation, feeding left, feeding right.
Show statistics over Days (Similar to Gadgetbridge)

How it works:
On certain Events you open the app and tick the event,

  • At the end untick it for Sleep
  • if setup, add the weight and a foto for the meal
  • if setup, add a Photo for the defecation
  • if setup, add drinking time per brest and cause of ending.
  • Long tick allow to setup time difference if you had forgotten to log.
  • If setup, Alarm clock for remember on certain events.
  • If possible, allow to log from lockscreen

Nerd features:

  • Optional Nextcloud Tables for syncing Data between two or more devices
  • Notification for Alarm over MQTT, Rest-Api, Homeassistant
  • resceive temperatur (MQTT, Homeassistant) and log it while sleeping.

Maybe some of these can help: F-Droid Search: habits