What types of apps are you missing from the FOSS ecosystem?


In response to Mueller-ma seeking long games => try Sokoban, Chess, Chess variants ^^


An update of an VOIP app would be great, given that Android proper seems to treat these rather negligant. As csipsimple seems to be dormant, I would love to see the current version of linphone being integrated.


A keyboard allowing swipe typing.

(Also, a worthy Dropbox Paper alternative, but I don’t think that’s coming anytime soon.)


An app to create, view and modify mind maps.


Kinda that:
I really like it for desktop use.


I’m missing a video editing app which can be used to cut video clips to length. Currently I send video clips to myself via telegram in order to cut them to length, but thats not an optimal solution due to telegram compressing the video afterwards.


I miss osmand 2.4.7. It still has the more convenient country-city-stree-number search, while osmand-2.5+ has just the “full string” search. The latter is bad for the case when the exact spelling can not be known because the location was provided by a phone-call.


@olh , stick with the old version, why?


An office with a more stable edit function than the outdated libreoffice viewer.

…and xposed-installer


What I miss is an app what installs and configures other apps. When I want to reinstall this is a lot of work, and when I have to configure many devices this is really much work. What I would like is an app what can produce some kind of configfile with a list of the apps what I use, and the configuration of these apps.

After this, the only thing I have to do while installing is to install this app, tell it where to find my configfile, and it does the rest. Finding the configfile could be automated too using DNS or something like that.

I would like a simple plain-text format, so that I can change the configuration for somebody else.


@pvdv , this is oandbackup :wink:


Not sure, but a backup program backups normally data and apps, and that’s not what I want. And the need to install busybox is not really practical too.


A dual n-back game similar to Brainworkshop


@reg , http://www.jtolds.com/projects/dual-n-back/


Apps missing
A web browser that allows the user to veiw the website certificate fingerprint so it can be verified and then pinned to that domain.
A web browser that uses its own openssl library and NOT the one bundled with android that cannot be updated.
A web browser that allows the user to disable weak TLS ciphers and specify which one to use on a per site basis. Similar to certificate/domain pinning.
A web browser that blocks all connections to third party domains but allows the user to view the blocked ones and unblock any that are required for functionality.
A web browser with all the above functionality that actually works as a web browser. Most f-droid web browsers do not.
Privacy Browser for example won’t even log in to f-droid.org. The login fails


App to simplify verifying pgp code signing keys and checksums (import signing key, browse to downloaded app or choose app from apps list. Verify)
Type in or paste developers checksum. Browse to downloaded app or choose app from apps list. Verify.


An epub reader. There used to be several (fbreader, coolreader, and an epub3 reader) but now they’re all gone except for coolreader whose latest build is from 2015 and just crashes if I try to run it under Oreo.


Is there any open source implementation of Google’s Smart Lock? It seems rather simple to implement, so I might give it a try.


Also support this. Any alternative for this?


Certainly, a fully open-source Stardict application.