What types of apps are you missing from the FOSS ecosystem?

Oh, right. It is HH:MM only, I somehow thought it would be HH:MM:SS. Sorry, perhaps open an issue upstream? :slight_smile:

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Can you please make a repository of “What types of apps are you missing from the FOSS ecosystem?”

As you pointed out yourself, few developers are likely to read this issue.


I’m using CM/LineageOS with F-Droid without Google services for about one year now. In general I’m very happy with the available apps.

The only thing I really miss is a fast and simple offline OSM viewer app. I write “fast and simple” because there’s the nice and feature rich osmand~, but it is so slow that it’s nearly unusable, even on my Nexus 5.


I filed an issue for Marble Maps: Marble Maps - org.kde.marble.maps (#109) · Issues · F-Droid / Requests For Packaging · GitLab
The app looks quite promising, so far.


@anon67397553 the GPS of my Nexus 5 was a disaster. OsmAnd works very well now that I own a OP3T.

I didn’t have that much problems with GPS. I meant rendering performance.

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There’s a lot of different weather apps on F-Droid, but somehow none of them really works for me. Either they are region-specific, or the UI isn’t so great, or they just don’t work. E.g. the simple weather app that just landed doesn’t accept any city and just exits.

This may be due to OpenWeatherMaps limitations, mind you - but still… My friends here all use the Weather Network for their weather needs, and I must admit it’s more accurate and diverse than OWM… At least if something would take the weather off the local Weather office stats (Canada), I would be happy…


I’m missing a FOSS alternative to DriveDroid. Great app, sadly closed-source though.

Did so, and latest version now has HH:MM:SS option, work great!

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It’d be great if there was an app that allowed swapping the mouse buttons when a USB and Bluetooth mouse are used.

I miss a good app to monitor the Internet connections of my apps. If you have suggestions… :slight_smile:
Network Log doesn’t work well and I’m already running a VPN so apps using the Android local VPN aren’t a solution. Cheers.


Another thing I miss is the Voice assistant alternative to standard Google
one or a Google Now (OK Google). Just pushed a Feature Request there:

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For me, it’s not so much about missing apps but missing functionality in the apps available and about unmaintained apps. Examples from the first category: Bluetooth remote control in Podlisten, Exporting of bookmarks in Firefox, a fully free version of firefox, folder sync in Own/Nextcloud etc. Examples from category 2: Podlisten, Writeily, etc. Luckily, diary was forked recently and got great functionality :smile:.


@spaceChRiS ,

  1. File your feature requests in Issue trackers per project (like I do a
    lot!) . No need to emphasize em here
  2. fully free version of firefox is named IceCat. I use it and like it
  3. If a fork of a project is long-going (which confirmed by the forker)
    then it makes sense reporting about that in the FDroidData issue tracker.
  1. I do this a lot as well, these have just been some examples to explain that it is not necessarily missing apps but missing functionality in the apps available. The OP asked about missing app types and my response just highlights another aspect.
  2. I will try it, thanks!
  3. That was just another example to mention something positive. Both versions of the app coexist at the moment.
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A good weather app. There are several weather apps already but I’m not really satisfied with any of them. It seems to me that they are far from, let’s say, what the iOS weather app offers.

What I would need is:

  • See forecast for the coming days at a glance.
  • See hourly forecast for today.
  • Detect current location.
  • Support for several cities.

Something like Sound Search for Google Play

Forecastie is close enough

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When looking at my apps from play store there are three types:

  1. Android Wear and Wear apps
  2. Open Source apps with nonfree depencies (openhab, signal, ff)
  3. aCaldender because it has a monthly calender widget where you can see the time and title of an event (There is a fr in etar for this)

What I really like to see is a simple, small, offline game which you can play for a very long time, but also with breaks between days and months. Didn’t see this in play store, too.

Maybe, but I find its UI unpractical and difficult to read (also switching cities is a pain & only offers three-hourly forecasts).