What types of apps are you missing from the FOSS ecosystem?


Firejail security in a sandbox : https://firejail.wordpress.com


Get Shelter maybe? :wink:


Yes, winter it soon here :smile:


Yup https://f-droid.org/en/packages/net.typeblog.shelter/


Something like KWGT for creating your own widgets.


An office suite might be nice. particularly for tablet users. . Here is a pretty good one I used on an old debian based distro called feather. It was dropped from debian repos after sarge. If something like this could be ported to the android api. http://siag.nu/


I haven-t found any android apps to view panorama ( spherical, cubic and cylindrical…) images on f-droid

At least there seem to be programm libraries on github

I just found out that vlc-player version 3.0 and later can play panorama videos on android and on windows :slight_smile:

Unfortunately my android-7.1 handset and android-7.0 tablet do not have enough horepower (or filesystem/sd-card is to slow) to fluently render the panorama-videos :frowning: on window-pc it works ok


Yeah. I recently realized that some of my problems could be solved if only i was able to issue simple voice commands to my phone (nothing fancy, just take/reject incoming calls; maybe control the music player…).


Cheers :smile: Licaon_Kter, i’m unfortunately runing KitKat 4.4.2 so no ''shelter ''for me… :smile:


Recently I discovered a missing app type: My son joined a soccer team, and they are using a specialized app (with a central server) to manage the trainings and games. The team uses mainly the calendar which allows for every player to accept or decline trainings/games and to define who is responsible for what (wash shirts, bring cake, …). Instead of the built-in chat, they are using whats-app for direct communication. I think the sports club is renting this service from the company that also provides the app, and I am very uncomfortable that my families data is given to this service for many reasons, among them the reason that the app does not appear very reliable and more like a quick and dirty and vulnerable hack. Luckily, my wife is less concerned about FLOSS and installed the app and already uses whats-app, but I really dislike that my son couldn’t play in this team without me (or my wife) accepting the use of closed and intransparent services without open interfaces. I am sure that it would not be too difficult to come up with such a service plus app, but I think the biggest issue is that, despite being a huge sports club, they would still chose the paid service over the floss alternative if they had to care for the infrastructure themselves (hosting, etc.). And the market share of whats-app is really a pain. They should be forced to provide open interfaces (and this holds for other messengers such as signal as well), since the customer has no choice (as he has with other services such as POTS). Sorry that this became a rant, but what I wanted to contribute here: sports team management is missing.


Pithos, a really good pandora client for Linux can also be built on Android. https://pithos.github.io/

There used to be an apk you could download, but I can no longer find it. It removes pandora ads, and you can play songs over again.

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