Video Games and the People who Love Them

While I’m waiting to get banned, does anyone want to talk about their favorite video games?

I’ve always been a big fan of the Alien franchise so Alien Vs. Predator Classic and Alien Vs. Predator 2 are pretty high on my list. I recently polished off a rousing game of System Shock 2 and realized that I really enjoyed it, moreso than BioShock which I also enjoyed.

So, anyway, any gamers in the crowd today?


Here is a list of multiplayer games that support Linux:

For FOSS only: Xonotic and Minetest are pretty great.

And a list of FOSS games on F-Droid:

SuperTuxKart and Minetest are both cross-platform too!

Oh, yeah, Alien brings some scarry memories :smiley:
These days i enjoy playing factorio the most. Although sims 4 has some value to it. I love egosoft’s x series(trade foght build think)…
Open source wise, I spent a good amount of time with openttd in the past, and played a bit of super tux kart…
Ps, No money was spent in obtaining any of those games. If money had been used, perhaps I would have a different opinion about them…

Btw, @tryder, what did you say your game was called? The one you joined this forum for(i remember you mentioned it, but it’s easier for me if you just link it here as well)? And what was the question?

@tryder might not be able to answer for a few days… Everything is in their profile (click their nickname on any post), but it’s called Carpe Diem. Or search: ATryder CarpeDiem github, to find sources. (Yuck, m1cr0-soft’s github)

Caution: If you download the built versions from the file-sharing sites, you do not benefit from F-Droid’s review process, FWIW. So blame only yourself and Tryder if you get infected with anything. :laughing:

appreciate the tip, didn’t realize that I could see his posts on the profile.
thanks for the concern, but I’m probably already infected by everything, yarrr xD

You can read about it here, if you wish: he was hitting a time-limit when building…

More specifically:

Although I’m not sure the time limit is the issue. Godot engine and the android export template take about two hours to build in the pipeline, after that the final export command for Carpe Diem is executed. It takes a second or two to load the project and all it’s assets, but then it sits there with no additional output for an hour until the time limit is reached. On my tablet computer with an Intel Atom processor it only takes less than two minutes to export Carpe Diem.

Well, the only FOSS games I’ve played are from what I call the ATRcade…I can’t get enough of BDef, a tower defense game, and I did burn through a lot of battery playing carpe diem (sometimes into the wee hours) over the last year😅

I am partial to platformers though, so possibly my favorite commercial game of all time is VooDoo Vince. You play as a voodoo doll battling the evil critters (and collecting beads!) across New Orleans to rescue your creator who has been kidnapped. I especially liked the sarcastic humor of the voodoo doll and the sound fx. It was only on original XBox, but I hear there was a PC reboot not too long ago.

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