Just living on this rock.

Have recently learned to follow my heart instead of the will of others.

Adam’s (tryder) girlfriend. I knew him before the development of the religion. I followed him into the (then) scary unknown because I think deep down, I always knew we could be more as a species than what we are and where it seems government, authoritarianism, capitalism, and the wealth gap is taking us.

It was difficult to accept: that the ways of society that I clinged to were actually socially destructive…behaviors and habits that most just see as normal, but accept it I have,and I have come out on the other side clean and healthy with clear conscience.

I have some videogame binges (currently enjoying a replay of Fire Emblem Blazing Sword for GBA), but otherwise I knit or crochet most days and you can also find me spinning yarn (in the literal sense), dyeing, working on knit and crochet designs which I publish and distribute for free on both our blog and on

Jennytheknit on Ravelry.

“Imagine there’s no countries.” -John Lennon

“If you’re not enjoying it, you’re doing it wrong.” --Jenny Howard