Upgrade of F-Droid logo\icon for 2019

hi , I’ve uploaded new browser on fdroid with favicon support in search bar https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.oF2pks.jquarks/
Now, after latest 76->77 webview upgrade, I noticed many url’ favicons are blurred like ddg fdroid wikipedia youtube, but not others like Google SearX StartPage Maps…

Do you believe the F-Droid favicon should be somehow updated ?

(btw, if some want orange svg logo : https://gitlab.com/oF2pks/fdroidclient/blob/test2/fdroid-logo0000.svg)

Hi @oF2pks ,

Sounds good.

Interesting. Please provide a screenshot. Maybe they are downloading a resolution without factoring in whether the screen is a 1x, 1.5x or 2x display (ie. retina)? Maybe I’m not understanding the problem at all.

Have you been able to start a dialogue with the developers of the Ameixa app about an orange and green theme? I still think that it would be a good idea to talk to them.

NOTE: I’m unable to work on the project at this time as I’m away from a reliable PC, but hopefully will be able to soon.

Today, fdroid favicon is okay with webview77; guess some did change it (youtube & wikipedia are still blurred)?. These icon/bitmap are located in <head> first webpage section.
@webDev , there is still a kind of miss with Shortcut android : the fdroid droid icon is uglify, probably due to non adaptive design : https://developer.android.com/guide/practices/ui_guidelines/icon_design_adaptive (?)

@oF2pks Adaptive icon doesn’t necessarily mean pretty. On older phones I’ve seen Adaptive icons that are smaller than they should be, but sharp. On other older phones the same icon can be larger but blurry. I’m not an expert in this area but it may come down to how careful the deveoper is to account for all the different phones, sadly. I’ve heard that apparently even the official documentation and tools don’t do a complete job either, but again, I’m not an expert in this area, yet at least.

Finally have things operational again.

@hotlittlewhitedog Brightened colours for flat icon/favicon so it’s more “waw” (loving that spelling you use) and justified the word “forum” to the right for the mobile version. I’ve also added a #eee colour background to the forum top bar. It actually makes the whole interface more intuitive.








@hans Here’s a super quick, very, very rough idea for the forum app icon (maybe even for the forum site). Literally 5 minutes of thought and 2 minutes of experimentation. I was going for a half hexagon shape (ended up making a forward arrow which is neat). There’s space on the (left?) side to add an element to imply a new addition to f-droid?

I can push it to the branch as experimental if you (or whomever is working on that app) needs time to think about it. Is that a good idea.


If everyone is happy with the new design now, I will push it to the branch ready for merging in.


@hans I spent a bit more time thinking about what was important for the forum icon and more time working on the final result.

Mobile app icon:


Website (desktop):


Website (mobile):


Favicon (16px):


If people like this design I’ll push it to the branch.

So the choices for voting are:

a) Don’t like anything,


b) Like the icons for F-Droid,


c) Develop the faux-3D forum logo, or
d) Develop (or push for merge) the white-bubble forum logo.


I love your icons.
F-Droid is not my project, so I can’t speak for all, but I think that in 2019-2020, bots are no more static and can even run and jump. If it was my project, I would create a 3D model (or pseudo 3D model) of the droid with legs, arms… The droid could move with a jetpack and wheels, have arms… Each important version of F-Droid could bring modifications to the droid (different colors too) and become collectors (think at the merchandising lol, you want money…). I would see the current droid with wheel chains like a tank (and wall-e), a arm with a rocket launcher or a flower :smiley:

Watch that video (please don’t spoil):

Thanks @hotlittlewhitedog, well it’s unanimous then 100% of people who responded liked it. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what others think about militarising the F-Droid icon but being curious I did draw the F-Droid on a tank-like base holding a flower and it was surprisingly cute. I’ll post it up sometime. It might be good for Nightly builds or something similar???

@hans If noone has objected to (b) and pushing (d) I’ll push it to the branch for you soon?

That new design in Upgrade of F-Droid logo\icon for 2019 looks nice, but it also doesn’t look like F-Droid. At this point, the logo is worth a lot because it is widely known and recognized, and has been the same basic character since 2012. Changing that means throwing that all away. It is becoming like the Debian swirl, which is same since 1999, the Linux penguin Tux, unchanged since 1996, or the BSD Daemon, unchanged since 1988.

@webDev also, you made a very nice design for the front page of https://f-droid.org. I think a number of people approved of that design, so that could actually be implemented. Last I remember, you said you were going to implement it.


Hi @hans Thanks for the feedback. I very much value it.

Yes. I will build the website. As you know the website does feature a slightly updated version of the logo so I feel the correct process is having it in f-droids artwork repository. The “GET IT ON F-DROID” badges are another valuable introduction to the F-Droid web experience.

I knew that you wanted something different for the forum app, but yes, I may have strayed too far in the above forum design.

Here’s a “blueprint” version of the F-Droid for the forum app (and website)

Mobile app icon:


Website (desktop):


Website (mobile):


Favicon (16px) (just the normal f-droid icon):


The icon features speech bubbles that grow as they come to the top. I felt this is a good visual analogy of the forum.

If you are happy to go with this one I’ll push, and move onto the next stage in the web development.


Maybe focusing on next year 10/years anniversary (29 September 2010 ?) should lead these changes ?

For sure, important is wether or not an F-Droid user will decide to have the F-Droid client icon in main top wake-up screen: (despite I don’t have oled devices,) I myself will avoid any loud white & blue damaging icon on primary screen to prevent oled burn-in screen.

(orange shift is still my favorite…)

@oF2pks To be clear, the above “blueprint” (and the speech bubble) designs are for a separate forum app and the forum website, not F-Droid (see Han’s comment above. It likely won’t be on anyone’s main screen due to the wealth of great, free (and freedom) apps available on F-Droid :slight_smile:

(As an aside, will msg you about your blue and white OLED concerns.)

The two forum icon designs are both really nice, I’d be happy either one
as the official forum icon. I think either way, it should always show
up in the favicon too.

@contributors what do you think about those custom icons for the forum?

@webDev , I do not criticize your contribution(s), but the inability of oled screen to handle long static blue (& thus white) lightning for 2 scientific reasons : oled blue pixel inner materials have shorten life than other colors & oled blue pixel need more intensity.

Burn-in oled blue pixels don’t happen on dynamic renderings. As far as I remember, blue (& white) was best friend of lcd screens. QD-Oled may also change this : https://www.anandtech.com/show/14989/samsung-to-invest-11-billion-in-qdoled-panel-production (comments)

As a deductive conclusion with pre-hypothesis of eco-green respect/concept , fdroid should move away from blue (& white). Especially considering the flat/square static design of F-Droid global (not speaking of the negative controversial? of blue light technology: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effects_of_blue_light_technology )

Further more, with upcoming 10/years anniversary, a shift to darkOrange? or other, prior to your contribution(s), could have some significance ?

This said, F-Droid may be Born to Be Blue ?

Blueprint favicon 16px in context:


Thanks @oF2pks for the links! I had an old phone that did have this problem. It took 3-4 years to notice it. If newer phones (s4 and above) are better, as the link suggests, then I’m not going to worry but I’ll push the svg to f-droid’s “artwork” repository (if it is chosen by the other contributers). I’ll point you to it. Then you can contact a launcher-app designer like Amexia to create a blue-less palette?

Keep in mind two things:
a) icons were not what causing the problem on my old phone, the notification bar did, and
b) I only noticed it when viewing images in full screen when the notification bar went away, which was not very often.
c) A broken CRT TV I once had couldn’t activate the blue pixels sometimes, it was not nice to watch tv with at all with just red and green.

BTW the wikipedia article on blue (and white) that you posted seems to debunk the blue-light-keeps-you-awake idea.

EDIT: Thanks for the playlist suggestion. :slight_smile:

@webDev notification icons are “special” , you have to check the Google doc.
I think they have to be only in black and white.

I like the first one and the last one just not the one in the middle (the one with the “big bubble” looks too much like WA :rofl:).

Thanks Izzy, haha. Yeah, I personally prefer the blueprint version also. Twas a good suggestion by @hans to keep F-Droid in the picture/icon.

To a Marcus: (I received a message from a Marcus over Gitlab. Is it one of you guys @marcus77, @Marcus or @Bubu? You wanted to see the progress but gitlab wouldn’t show you svgs.)

So here’s what I’m ready to push, if there are no major objections.

EDIT: Tues 10 Dec (boosted contrast (blue body lighter so copyleft is more visible)

Icon for website (hero):

icon in new website context03

App icon with layer choice of white, grey or yellow background:

svg03 . . . . . . . app icons


In-app art asset for when app icon is not yet loaded:


Default notification:


Updates notification:





Favicon in context:



Available on F-Droid



Get It On F-Droid:

svg02 svg02

svg02 svg02


Privileged Extension





Forum website icon in context (mobile):



Forum website icon in context (desktop):



Favicon for forums:


Any improvements @contributors? If so, I’ll edit this post, if not I’ll push.

Yes, those were the ones I meant to like :smile:

And yes, the Marcus was most likely Bubu. But to be sure, let’s wait who claims it :wink:

I just went on the Gitlab website. Yes it was Bubu.

BTW I’ve pushed the icon update to gitlab and the Merge Request (I think).

If any problems, do tell.