Ungoogled chromium with extensions vs Bromite vs Fennec fdroid

I have been using Fennec with ubo for some time but recently i found trackers in it so been wondering wether to switch to something like bromite or ungoogled chromium with extensions like ubo and local cdn or should i stick with fennec?

Fennec F-Droid does not have any trackers.

You cannot add extensions to Bromite either.

Bromite opens sites and starts a little faster (especially through the widget) than Fennec F-Droid, and with new files for the Russian Internet: https://github.com/xarantolus/filtrite https://github.com/StUser4pda/filtrite and the connected DNS provider https://nextdns.io advertisements are almost like uBlock origin.
Here in the topic there was already a similar discussion about trackers: Librera Reader: Containing AdMob?

Ungoogled Chromium
Fennec (probably not)

Those trackers(f-droid version) in fennec fdroid are stubs. They do not track you. As for ungoogled chromiun extensions version. It’s unmaintained I would only recommend looking at the regular ungoogled version.

Bromite is a good option I would highly recommend for speed, privacy, per site permissions and tab groups.


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