Unable to get Apps and Update F-Droid

I’ve installed F-Droid directly from fdroid.org
The version I got there is 1.0.2. I’m pretty sure there’s a newer version which may be the reason no apps etc show for downloading and installing. After installing and open the app, a pop up notification of “error index files”. It never shows again. Only upon installing. How do I get the latest version of F-Droid? Is this why I’m getting the above error and seeing no apps to download?

I’ve uninstalled, downloaded again, and reinstalled three times, but nothing different.

I’m using Pixel 2 XL using the latest version of Oreo. I’m not sure if this helps. I gave the app permission as well.

Looks like after toggling the repositories for F-Droid and The Guardian Project several times, the apps have now populated.


There is a bug preventing the current index from being parsed. The fix is just waiting to be deployed:


Funny thing is: If old index format is enforced in F-Droid expert settings, it works

I’ll still sometimes get the error w/ old index version option. Maybe some of my configured repos (I’ve 18, cuz… y not? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) only use the new version? 🤷

the same thing happens to me, and no one was able to help me. I must say I’m not a geek and don’t understand if you give very complicated things to do…sorry!

my problem is still there: impossible to use F-droid, to see any app, to download anything…

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I figured it out on my own. Go to Settings > Repositories > F-Droid and toggle the switch next to it. I kept toggling that switch sbd and the one next to F-Droid Archive and finally the apps appeared. Hope this helps.


sorry, but there is no possibility to switch anything on my phone in that place… I’m french and have a french smart phone “ECHO”, maybe it’s different from yours…
thanks anyway!

You have to go to Settings in the F-Droid app, not to the system settings.

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That’s the settings of the F-Droid app and not your phone settings. Apologize that it wasn’t clear.


Thanks, I tried to do that in F-droid, but it still doesn’t work, I get the message “error getting index file”…

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This should be fixed some days ago.

Just be clear, the fix was for F-Droid server, correct? So each instance would have to deploy latest version? 'Cuz I myself am still seeing that error (a lot), but I’ve multiple repos configured.

each repo needs to update their copy of fdroidserver to fix this bug in their repo


It still isn’t fixed right? Made an account just for this.

This is fixed in fdroidserver and on https://f-droid.org. For other repos, the people managing them need to update to fdroidserver v1.0.4 or higher to get the fix.


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