Translation review workflow

Weblate now supports a translate+review workflow:

I’d be happy to set it up if someone wants to take the lead on managing the people and process.


How many translators are there?

Are there multiple-per-language?

Yeah, we often get more than one person working on a language. Spanish and German come first to mind.

Good news ! :+1: Thank you.
I’m in “ar” section sometimes in “kab”.


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@Bubu: thanks for merging website translation updates. FYI, most of those languages commits won’t be live since they are not for languages that are enabled. Also, if you just merge all commits, you will include unreviewed changes, etc. tools/ cherry picks the relevant ones, based on being 100% complete. weblate now lets us enable reviewers per language, so that’s probably a better workflow. Hopefully, weblate would only commit 100% reviewed translations. But then if only 100% reviewed translations show up, then won’t get the translation updates until they are complete, kind of defeating the purpose.

Maybe we should switch website translation merging to Weblate’s merge request workflow, in combination with required reviews. So when a language is 100% translated and reviewed in Weblate, then Weblate will make a merge request in for that language.

I followed for fdroid-website. You are saying that this isn’t the correct process?

yeah, I guess it wasn’t current. I think the merge workflow of the
translations is an open question still, but one we can decide here.

I updated the Release Process docs to include the translation steps: