Telegram FOSS - Same site, DIFFERENT Filename (apk) Downloaded

Why is it that the filename of the apk where i downloaded using my phone browser (Duckduckgo) is different from the same site using my FireFox browser in my laptop?

The file i downloaded from phone is repo.apk while the one on my laptop is org.telegram.messenger_22065.apk

I tried to verify the one downloaded from the pc but don’t know where i can find the public key.

Here is the link from my pc:

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

(Noobie here…)

The last part is the version.
Maybe clear the cache of your browsers.

I think you just can hash both files and that’s all, right? Hash Droid
org.telegram.messenger_22065.apk / SHA256: B0FD1D299F580D2319BD181048C3C2F3F6EF6135FEADD582252828C68DE654E1

Anyway, public key is here: F-Droid's PGP key has expired - #4 by hans
(Or search in keyservers) ID: 41E7 044E 1DBA 2E89
Fingerprint: 37D2 C987 89D8 3119 4839 4E3E 41E7 044E 1DBA 2E89

It should not be called repo.apk I think, maybe you should try with another browser.

That repo.apk looks suspicious. The hash is different.

Thank you guys for idea input. I was able to install it. I trully appecriate both your help.


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Checked with my Firefox - when I go to
scroll down to Version 7.3.1 (22065) and then use the “Download APK” link

Download APK 30 MiB PGP Signature | Build Log

I get the org.telegram.messenger_22065.apk file:

SHA256 (org.telegram.messenger_22065.apk) = b0fd1d299f580d2319bd181048c3c2f3f6ef6135feadd582252828c68de654e1

The URL to the APK is

What you can do is to go to the Download Manager of Firefox and find your repo.apk on the list of the recent downloads, right click and select “Copy Download Link” and then we can identify the source of that.

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