Telegram FOSS eating battery


have been using a several months old version until a few days ago… and after the update noticed the newest version draws battery very quickly, typically using about 75% of it even when not used.

Did anyone else notice a dramatic increase in battery consumption? Any idea when it happened? My previous version might have been 8.7.4 so if possible I would not want to go back all the way to that.

Keep this in mid too: Unable to create new account using FOSS telegram · Issue #639 · Telegram-FOSS-Team/Telegram-FOSS · GitHub

Also: F-Droid discord server? - #27 by Licaon_Kter

Ouch… meaning that if I downgrade I will be probably locked out?

Try disabling “Run in background”, “Background data”, and/or “Keep awake” permissions (depending on your Android version) for the Telegram app and see if that helps.
Also, in your Android settings disable “Auto sync data” and see if that helps.

I did force stop it a few times and noticed it is eating battery only sometimes…

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