Supertux for Android

There is some progress: I found an issue about it on GitHub ( and a manual for compiling (

Great. Also think to use other search engines than Google Search to have different results. Like bing, duckduckgo …

I already use DuckDuckGo, Startpage & co.
I haven’t found the infos about SuperTux for Android before because I only searched manually on the GitHub page of SuperTux for Android (pleya/supertux) which doesn’t have an issue tracker. I didn’t expect that the issue tracker of the desktop version of SuperTux could also be used for the Android version and also didn’t expect to have to clone another repository which has SuperTux embedded for compiling the apk.

Is there a repo with supertux now? If yes, what’s the repo adress and what’s the fingerprint for it?? Please answer this questions.

The main goal of this discussion is to get Supertux to the main repository, but that will take a while.
On Known Repositories there is a list of other repositories. There isn’t a special one for Supertux, but maybe IzzyOnDroid have a Supertux binary not compiled by F-Droid.

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