Supertux for Android

I’m a great fan of Supertux (a jump-and-run game).
I wonder if it would be possible to include the android version into F-Droid.
I know that normally I need to open a issue at the RFP-issue-tracker, but I don’t know if it is really open source or some closed-source libs are missing, so I’m asking here first.
I checked if there was any issue about that in the RFP- or data-issue-tracker, but it wasn’t.
The link to the Android port source code:
If I’m right, there is no issue tracker for asking if the author is supporting the upload to F-Droid, if I’m wrong, I missed something.
The android version is at version 0.5.1 while the desktop version is already 0.6.0.

Supertux is outdated, there’s Supertux2.

According to the wiki page of Supertux (, Supertux2 is Supertux since version 0.5.0, so version 0.5.1 belongs to Supertux2.
EDIT: Version 0.6.0 definitely belongs to Supertux2 because the Arch package version of supertux2 (package is called supertux without the 2, but the contained binary is supertux2) is 0.6.0. (Just to add a source which is not Wikipedia :wink: )

Watch also

@hotlittlewhitedog Thank you. I already know that game and almost play the whole story… :slight_smile:

I tried to compile the supertux app on Manjaro, but I cannot find a build manual for Android, only how to install under Linux and Windows. I tried the Linux variant hoping an APK getting build with that, but running make the following error occurs:

[ 1%] Built target savepng
[ 3%] Built target tinygettext
[ 4%] Built target sexp
[ 5%] Built target supertux2_c
[ 6%] Built target physfs
[ 8%] Built target squirrel
[ 8%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/supertux2_lib.dir/src/video/gl/gl33core_context.cpp.o
In Datei, eingebunden von /home/abcde/1234/supertux-android/supertux/src/video/gl/gl_video_system.hpp:24,
von /home/abcde/1234/supertux-android/supertux/src/video/gl/gl33core_context.cpp:25:
/home/abcde/1234/supertux-android/supertux/src/video/sdlbase_video_system.hpp:43:41: Fehler: »SDL_DestroyWindow« wurde in diesem Gültigkeitsbereich nicht deklariert; meinten Sie »SDL_DestroyCond«?
43 | std::unique_ptr<SDL_Window, decltype(&SDL_DestroyWindow)> m_sdl_window;
| ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
| SDL_DestroyCond
/home/abcde/1234/supertux-android/supertux/src/video/sdlbase_video_system.hpp:43:59: Fehler: Templateargument 2 ist ungültig
43 | std::unique_ptr<SDL_Window, decltype(&SDL_DestroyWindow)> m_sdl_window;
| ^
In Datei, eingebunden von /home/abcde/1234/supertux-android/supertux/src/video/gl/gl33core_context.cpp:25:
/home/abcde/1234/supertux-android/supertux/src/video/gl/gl_video_system.hpp:75:3: Fehler: »SDL_GLContext« bezeichnet keinen Typ; meinten Sie »GLContext«?
75 | SDL_GLContext m_glcontext;
| ^~~~~~~~~~~~~
| GLContext
make[2]: *** [CMakeFiles/supertux2_lib.dir/build.make:4889: CMakeFiles/supertux2_lib.dir/src/video/gl/gl33core_context.cpp.o] Fehler 1
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:286: CMakeFiles/supertux2_lib.dir/all] Fehler 2
make: *** [Makefile:152: all] Fehler 2

(sorry for the German text)
Does anyone have an idea how to compile it so I will get an Android APK out of it?
It I know how to do that, I will try to post it in the RFP-Tracker (Or should I ask this questions there?!)

Apparently you need to install SDL lib.

I already have installed the following SDL packages but it doesn’t work:

  • sdl
  • sdl2
  • sdl2_gfx
  • sdl2_image
  • sdl2_mixer
  • sdl2_net
  • sdl2_ttf
  • sdl_gfx
  • sdl_image
  • sdl_mier
  • sdl_net
  • sdl_pango
  • sdl_sound
  • sdl_ttf
  • lib32-sdl2

Check this:

I have already read that and according to that I have installed all needed SDL libraries.

Contact them, create an issue and explain what you did.

I would do that, but:

So were to create the issue?
If there would be an issue tracker, I would also ask if there are separate build instructions for Android because the build instructions I’m using seeming like to be for a linux executable…

Issue tracker is for a lot of things (support, suggestions…).

Try to contact them via the forum on that page:

I have opened a discussion on

Can you ad the game “SuperTux” to “F-Droid”?

It’s open-source!

Here is a link to the games homepage with links to the source-code and to the game in “Google Play Store”:

Please check if you could ad “SuperTux” in “F-Droid”?

umm this: Supertux for Android ?

I have created an issue in the RFP tracker:

It’s not an issue but a RFP.

So I should say ‘I have created an RFP in the “issue” tracker:’? :wink:

has someone figured out, yet, if it’s possible to ad SuperTux to the F-Droid repo?