Suddenly, many "Unknown application"s!? 🤔

Did I do this, & so can I fix it? (F-Droid’s own description is missing, too, as y’all may notice.) Or did something fundamental break elseplace?

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I can confirm I get the same results if I search for “unknown”.

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Ok, it isn’t just me losing it! :relieved: I guess the current canonical issue is

Ping @Hans.…

I also noticed all the “unknown” apps have the #set antifeature.

Many “known” apps have that, too (e.g.,, so I do think that’s entirely independent.

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@anon99929151 So, you might’ve been partiality correct! Since the #set annoyance is solved, I’ve many fewer (but still some) apps that’re unknown.

Unfortunately, F-Droid is still 1 of them, & whatever’s happening is affecting its ability to recognize the suggested/latest version. I just had to force it to update itself to v1.4 release, which wasn’t suggested until after I upgraded it!

I only see 3 apps: SoftSound, DeviceLocator and Pix-ArtMessenger, these use Fastlane, hence a glitch in the connection on publish time (eg. build server could not pull Summary&Description) will have this effect

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@Licaon_Kter I’ve got 6, which includes your list, F-Droid itself (as mentioned above), InventoryGUIMobile, & Netto from @j2ghz’s repo.

And you’ve updated the repos in the last 4 hours?

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I just updated repositories and got the same 3 + InventoryGUI

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@Licaon_Kter Yes, & my list still remains.

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