Please reopen a topic

Just here to reopen a topic… this one.

For the past few months I’ve been ignoring it. I upgraded to the latest version recently and have the same problem.

Basically almost all apps in the FDroid repo are “unknown” including FDroid itself. The Guardian Project apps seem to all be fine.

I have an older version of Android, called Kittykat.


One more thing…

…while I’m here I have one more topic to put up (in my drafts), but the UI won’t let me, because I’m a “new user”, pls unlock. Thanks.

You are using F-Droid 1.10-alpha0 ? And your last index update (settings-repos-fdroid) is yesterday or so?

Using F-Droid 1.9. Don’t know where Settings > Repos > FDroid is but I just checked now and the “Unknown application” problem is fixed :slight_smile: Someone fix something between now and then?

Thanks Licaon and whomever else was involved.

In F-Droid of course :slight_smile: press the cog icon, lower right

Yeah, I tried but its just a toggle switch with Guardian Project repo. There’s no “Last Updated” there. Must be going to the wrong place or something.

Enter the repo…to see its details… if it was ever updated you’ll have this info

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