Spotify FOSS alternative

Hi there!

Any news about a spotify FOSS alternative? I mean an app on which you can find any kind of music and/or podcast, the possibility of downloading to listen offline, the sleep timer etc…

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The usual FOSS alternatives to Spotify are to buy your music so you own it, and then stream it from a hosted, or self hosted, server like ampache, jellyfin, subsonic, kodi or the like.


If you don’t mind the music not being popular songs most people know, Libre Droid | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository should be an option.

I haven’t tested it myself though, no clue if it still works given how old the app is.


For Podcasts I recommand AntennaPod | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

You can listen to Spotify with this app: Spotube | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository (never tested it ^^)


Blackhole should be fine for you

@Altons @Levi491
Thank you for your advice, I’ll check all that and come back with feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d also mention internet radio, it’s not the new cool thing, but scratches a similar itch. Personally I like RadioDroid.


I use RadioDroid. Have been using it since a looong time. Even though it has not been updated in a long time and a lot of stream URLs are no longer working, I find it the best one out there. :wink:

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It does not work all the times. At times it connects at times it does.
Last tested around December 2021 though.

Thank you, it’s always good to know but generally I don’t listen to radios because of the adds. So if you know radios without ads, just tell me if you please!
The good side is that they don’t ask any log ‘in for this app, no email required.

Didn’t find it!

Thank you! Antena Pod is just perfect for podcasts, I love it! Better even than spotify ergonomically speaking. And it doesn’t require any registration, very good point.

Regarding Spotube, I’ll try it later, but the first bad point is that it requires Spotify registration, but that can be understood because I suppose it is necessary for the artists’ remuneration.


SomaFM, BBC, Asia Dream Radio & mechanical music radio all run stations that don’t have ads. There might be something you like in there.

Also FIP – Écouter la radio en direct et les radios thématiques is really great :wink:

I’ll check them out, thank you!

Yes it’s true, I know FIP, and it’s a good one, thank you for reminding it to me! I’m just not used to listen to the radio on the phone.

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I’ve downloaded it but they ask for a registration, so I don’t know if I’ll try it, Thanks anyway!


I use the great Transistor app (its last version is 4.1.1, from 2022-05-18, and it requires Android 7.1 or newer)
With it, or with any other radio app, you can play Cashmere Radio (a FM from Berlin)
stream to load:

One question: what is the advantage of using Spotube (which streams audio from Youtube videos) over NewPipe (which also has the option of using only audio from Youtube) ?
I mean, does spotube access any additional information from Spotify servers, even without a Spotify account (which I understand Spotube doesn’t require) ?