Simple mobile tools calendar app not free as claimed

The calendar app by simple mobile tools is not free as advertised. it has a nag which asks you to buy a thank you app to stop the nag reappearing.

That is an advert or a nag or both. They should be made point that out in the description. I am getting rid of it and will not be supporting simple mobile tools. Any chance of donation they had is gone with their sneaky ads

Did you contact the upstream? This might simply be a bug.

The developer said it happens every 50 times the app is opened. So it is not free it is a nag to buy the thank you app and then the pop up stops. That should be in the description, it should not be descibed as free

it is not free it is a nag to buy the thank you app

Freedom is not about getting everything for free.

I’ve reproduced what you described: it’s a dialog (appeared on 50th launch) that asks to buy same author’s app on Play Store and gives a link to other ways to donate. For me this does no look like ads.

@Bubu, @mimi89999, your opinion?

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I think this here is related:
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Maybe we should ask Tibor if we can package this?

Already added. :slight_smile:

It is not about the money it is the principle. It is falsley advertised. It says free and no ads and no mention of annoying pop up requesting to buy a thank you app. How can something be called free if it nags to buy a thank you app.? Why not put that in description be honest. Not Foss spirit to be sneaky. Thanks

Donation requests (even on fiftieth app launches) are acceptable in free software.

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Not in my opinion. there is only one definition of the word free though some like to pretend there are more than one so they can ask for payment for their ‘free’ products. wont be replying again or using any of their ‘free’ programs again or using anything wrongly described

It sounds like you use a different difintion of “Free Software” than many of us at F-Droid use. The definition I use comes from here and is mirrored on Wikipedia. While the terms may be confusing, to quote Richard Stallman we “think of ‘free’ as in ‘free speech’ not ‘free’ as in ‘free beer’”.


there is only one definition of free. nothing made up about beer or speech changes that. It is put about by people who want to charge fornsomething and claim it is ’ free’. no one like Richard Stallman, or any one else, gets to make another definition of free.
free =

Did you look at the link you posted? There are two definitions right there! “Not controlled or limited” and the other one “costing nothing”.

We are talking about the first of those definitions here. The source code is free, you can get the source, edit it to disable the nag screen completely and install this on your phone. That is the definition and spirit of free software. If someone is charging money, asking for donations for it has nothing to do with this definition of free.

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[quote=“Bubu, post:12, topic:1944”]
The source code is free, you can get the source, edit it to disable the nag screen completely and install this on your phone. [/quote]
how do i do this? I do not know about source code or editing .do i have to uninstall it first? It is controlled limited to people who know about source code

Yeah, to modify the app you need to know at least a tiny little bit of knowledge about Android apps. Free software does not mean that the developer does what the user wants, as other already have stated.

For your interest: You need to download Gradle or Android Studio, disable the pop-up in the source code, build the app, move it to your device and install. With every update you have to do same or you do your own F-Droid buildserver and repo.

you can also have a look at:

Free may refer to:

  • Liberty, also known as freedom
  • Free of charge, without payment required
  • Gratis versus libre, the distinction between the two meanings above

Even in your provided link to dictionary-cambridge are different meanings listed:

  • Not Limited
  • No Charge
  • Not in Prison
  • Loose

The word which you refer is probably “GRATIS

Gratis in English is adopted from the various Romance and Germanic languages. It means “free” in the sense that some good or service is supplied without need for payment, even though it may have value.

Compared to propietary Source Code Apps, you are free/allowed to use the Source Code and improve it (e.g.: remove the nag screen). You are even allowed to change the app and resell it again.
The developer has put it under an Apache2 license which grant rights for you, the user. For an explanation of the Apache2 license check out .

Feel free to donate to any other thing instead, which does not seem to upset you that much.

‘free’ means any thinh the developer wants itto mean so thye can charge for ‘free’ software lol
bye ’ free software droid’