Simple Mobile apps update

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The description on the F-Droid apps page for Simple SMS Messenger is now inaccurate.
i.e. “Contains no ads or unnecessary permissions. It is fully opensource, provides customizable colors.”

ZipoApps has bought Simple Mobile Tools, so if it has not been done already, it is time to review any apps on F-Droid developed by Simple Mobile Tools.

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See this:

The offered apps are clean… look at the publish date and then look at the ZipoApps news date.

Whatever happened later does not concern THESE versions.

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I was delighted to find this thread, I had no idea the Simple Mobile Tools apps had been sold. I’ve updated Calendar to the Fossify app and all works well.

I’m wondering if anyone knows if Fossify intend to release a version of Simple Notes?

soon I guess Availability on F-Droid · FossifyOrg · Discussion #9 · GitHub

Things are going stupid in google play with everything wanting a subscription for their apps! I used to use Simple Contacts because it was originally free and was just a no frills contact manager. I had an issue with it where it gave me an error saving a contact so I thought no big deal I would just uninstall and reinstall… Well when I went to reinstall I found they wanted $15 — get this… A WEEK for a subscription. So a 1-star review later telling them they could keep their app and I found F-Droid and installed a free contact app from there. THANK YOU again! This is awesome.


Yes, the simple mobile tools recently got sold to a shady company, breaking their promise to the users. That caused quite some discussion, see the thread Simple Mobile apps update - #62 by jnkmbx

But there are now the Fossify apps, which are a community continuation of the last free versions of the simple apps. Look for Fossify Contacts.

$15 per week ($630 per year? O_o) for a contacts app sounds indeed ridiculus. But F-Droid is not about gratis apps, it’s about freedom. Four freedoms, actually: What is Free Software? - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation

BTW, thanks a lot for mentioning F-Droid in reviews on Google Play! I think Simple Mobile Tools case can make a lot of people think about their rights regarding software.


Thank you. I just switched from Simple Dialer to Emerald Dialer. Simple Dialer now has built-in advertisings, but still no anti-features listed for the app.

Thank you, this requires staff attention, see my first post at f-droid.

Thank s for sharing, i just come to look for this.

What does “breaking their promise to the users” mean? Had they promised not to sell?

Fossify Music Player

Currently available in Izzy Repo

In F-Droid Repo available on upcoming days.

If you are using Simple Mobile Tools Apps, start using Fossify Apps

Fossify · GitHub


Start multiple quoting in one reply please.

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