Simple Mobile apps update

I use several of the Simple Mobile applications which I see have been sold to a commercial organisation. I am not going to get involved in the arguments of the rights and wrongs here, I leave that for others more knowledgeable. However I am concerned about future updates.

I got the apps from F-Droid which I assume will not update them any more if the code changes, but I see that the same apps are also available from Play Store. My question is whether Play Store can update the apps on my phone without my permission?

F-Droid has already disabled updates for them: Simple Mobile Tools - disable AUM (!14135) · Merge requests · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

Play Store can’t update them as the signing keys are different.


Thank you. I am relieved that I have plenty of time to find alternatives if necessary.

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Seems like someone is forking them.
Do I need to install new apps or do I just get the fork with new updates?

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When that time comes you’ll need to uninstall old and install new.

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When the time arrives, uninstall the old and install the new for smooth transition.

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Just noticed…

… there appears to be a fork now

Didn’t have time to go through all of that yet.


Thanks for the warning.

“The reason there is such a harsh response is because it was done with no warning, with zero input from the community or contributors.”

“Another app lost to ZipoApps. They will add advertisements, trackers and more as they have done for other well-made apps that they purchased in the past.”

ZipoApps seems to be mainly about quantity instead of quality, has lots of ad-ridden crapware in the PlayStore and does not adhere to privacy standards.”

“They are notorious for packing the apps with ads, then selling a no-ads subscription for $15 USD per week.”

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That’s what the so called free software developers do. Build a user base then sell it. The get the users to give them free feedback on problems etc. The users are free testers rather than recipients of free software

It’s a small price to pay for free software. A price that could probably be avoided by all users making a donation to the developer.

Then the developer should be honest and say what they are at. Building an app to sell it eventually. Usng the users to iron out bugs

Any idea re replacement

Read before posting

No idea what that means. How do you put quotes with a tick mark

As was said above forks are in development at Fossify · GitHub .
They’ll probably upload them to F-Droid soon.


Ok thanks gbfd. Do we just install GitHub - FossifyOrg/Calendar: A simple calendar with events, customizable widgets and no ads.
Or wait for upload here? And will my appointments carry over or have to be entered again?

Thank you and happy new year to you.

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Step1: ttps://

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Just replaced the simple gallery with the fossify version. So far very smooth.



Same here… :blush:

and the calendar app also works fine. Just keep ‘em comin’…

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I am glad to hear it, though I shall wait until they appear in F-droid as the originals still work.

I always take them from F-Droid so maybe your index was simply out of date?

However I wish the F-Droid client could post some message that a fossify replacement of an SimpleMobileTools app is available. However because of the way the Apps share information this should probably happen only after all of them are available… the Gallery being the exception because it doesn’t use data from contacts or calendar.

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