Simple Dialer with anti feature not listed

Simple Dialer adds feebased advertisings to my phone contacts (not to favourites), e.g. ADAC, LOTTO, TAXI and more.
Even if you remove those new contacts, they will reappear after some time. This also happens without any internet connection.

As known from other apps here, this anti-feature should be mentioned.

Reported to

See this thread for information:

My guess is that you got Simple Dialler from Play Store. Delete it and get the Fossify dialler from F-droid.

No, definately NOT. I am absolutely sure I installed it from f-droid. Otherwise I would not complain here! As I am developer myself, I reviewed parts (not the whole) of source-code, but could not find evidence for this behavior.

Edit: I do not even have an account to be able to access Google and it’s playstore. I completely blocked and removed everything related to Google.

I read the post about Simple mobiles update before, thus I know what happened.
But still there is a need to review and rate (anti-features) those apps by f-droid staff. This did not happen for a long time now.


How is it possible? Someone obviously violates terms of agreements at f-droid without any contradiction?

Could you post a screenshot with those malicious contacts and exact version of Simple Dialer?

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I request to suspend or close this topic.

Possibly the culprit is my contacs app, not the dial app from f-droid. I need some time to
confirm my suspicion.

The contacts app was installed from another source, not from f-droid.

Thanks for digging in

BTW Fossify Contacts | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository :wink: