Should F-Droid client and Privileged Extension OTA be flashed at the same time?

I want to flash the F-Droid Privileged Extension OTA. Will I still need to install the F-Droid client, or does it already come with the Privileged Extension?

If not, what’s the best way of going about this? Should I flash the F-Droid client alongside the Privileged Extension OTA? Or, should I install the F-Droid APK the usual way from the F-Droid website?

The Privileged Extension is an optional add-on. It does not include the F-Droid client. You should install F-Droid client from within Android and flash the Privileged Extension using a custom recovery.


  1. Install the F-Droid APK first?
  2. Then, flash the Privileged Extension via recovery?

Yep. The order shouldn’t matter actually.

In my first attempt, I flashed the Privileged Extension OTA first. Then, I installed the F-Droid APK.

But the Priveleged Extension option didn’t appear in F-Droid Settings. So, I tried reflashing it again, but still no dice.

Is there anything relevant in logcat?

I haven’t checked. What’s the recommended way of doing that?

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Are you on android q? i have this problem, seems like ota doesnt work on system-as-root layouts

Android 9. What does system-as-root mean?

What does system-as-root mean?

A new filesystem layout:

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Is there like an ELI5 summary? The documentation on is pretty technical.

Hi, From my experience, running LOS 16 on BQ Aquaris : I flashed the following zip that you can get from here : You need root privilege, aka installed before (for LOS).
Then once I boot up the device, F-Droid was installed, and Priviliged Exstension as well. Automatic updates for F-Droid Apps work like a charm.
Hope that helps,

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