Several apps caused bootloop on Cm 12.1


I’m on CM 12.1 and some apps caused bootloops on my phone
they are:

  • Twidere from 3.6.29
  • My Expenses from 2.8.2
  • Yalp Store from 0.29
  • NyaaPantsu 1.0
  • Camera Roll 1.0.3

does someone have more info about this problem or it’s just me?

Are you sure that your bootloops are caused by the apps and not by the system? Because I can’t imagine that an app without root privileges can cause a correctly implemented Android system of today to restart. Cyanogenmod if you did not know already was deprecated due to its successor Lineage OS. So I suggest you to update your phone to a newer version of Lineage.

i have the same problem on stock Android 5.0.2, when trying to update the following apps:

  • torrent client (since last two updates)
  • kiss launcher (since last update)

System reboots.
In addition, if i try to download the apk from f-droid website, when i try to access the download folder, file manager suddenly closes. I have to manually remove the apk files by connecting device to PC and using PC file manager.


This is a combination of two bugs, one in LineageOS and another in Google’s build tools. See

Guys as said this is very questionable idea that a mere app would prevent
system to boot.
Then could you please turn on ADB on your phones and get adb logcat during
failed boot? I don’t guarantee I’ll look at it but at least someone will

If the app is started on boot or some info read from the app on boot then it causes the boot loop. If not, then only starting the app itself causes reboot.

I have posted logcat in another post: System_server crashes after upgrading some applications. It shows that system_server crashes which causes the (“soft”) reboot.

Sorry, to be more precise, in my case it’s not a bootloop problem, just a system reboot when trying to update app.