Problems with app icons after some time

Hello Fdroid folks,

Loving the app, loving your dedication towards it. Thanks for the work.

Using it for years now, and always (literally always) I have the same problem: apps icons disappear after some time and never come back. I have this problem with the latest version 1.9 and 1.10.alpha-something too.

It’s an erratic issue, I have no idea what causes it, but it always goes this way: Installing Fdroid, doing the initial cache update. All fine, all icons there. Leaving it for some days, doing manual refreshes of the app list etc. And then, at some point, all icons gone. So I guess, I am not the only one with that problem.

Question is (especially as this issue persists at least for lets say the last 5-6 years): Is somebody working on that?

Also, when I scroll down the list, I see exactly one app that has an app icon. Please, have a look at the attached screencast. (2.9 MB)

Device? Android version?

Android 10 device.

Which repos are activated?

Standard repositories only.

Which device please? How much free storage space?

Samsung S10. Happened on a S4 and Moto G before. Plenty of free space, more than 50 GB.

Have you tried to deactivate F-Droid Archive repo and refresh?

They said “standard only”, Archive is disabled by default

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Hey guys,

I opened this thread, just lost my login credentials. Nevermind, just want to give a quick update to the situation.

So, 7 days ago, I decided to go fresh on F-Droid, removed the app, installed it. All fine. Yesterday I updated the index by pulling the screen. Guess what - problem showed up again. I really wonder what is going on here. This is just creating really awful user experience if some icons happen to not show up at all.

Check the shot.

What did you select using the “updates” sliders (WiFi/data) in settings? I think they influence icons, too, not only repository updates. (I don’t think this is user friendly - images are usually expected to be loaded independently from the apk download settings)

I set nothing special. Expert mode, unstable updates, and the rest according to the screenshot.

If some of the settings would cause that misbehavior I agree this would be a bad app design. I saw the other day a thread about upcoming Android versions and how Google might eventually make it more easy to integrate 3rd party app stores. Well, honestly, if this is the experience users will get from the F-Droid app, there might be a lot of disappointment.

Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate whats happening here. I know you do it for free, in your free time, and most likely for yourselves. Which is great. However, I wish such fundamental issues would be taken care of as these are the issues people will experience first. And we all know how it is with apps these days - first impression, first few minutes decide its fate.

Update to F-Droid 1.10, reset DATA, put BOTH Wi-FI AND MOBILE DATA all the way to the right (always download), retry, report

I don’t think you even need to reset data. Just move the wifi slider to the right and restart the app. Loading the icons sometimes takes ages but on my device, I immediately see the effect after changing the setting and restarting the app.

I agree. There should probably be an additional step in the sliders:

  • Never
  • Only when clicked or images
  • Only when clicked
  • Always

True, I just want a “clean slate” to test with.

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Indeed that solved the issue immediately. Moved the slider, force closed the app. Restarted and all icons visible now.

Well, maybe I misunderstand that slider then - what exactly is it supposed to regulate?

I think it controls all network connections, not just updates like the heading suggests. That setting confused me as well.

I see.

Under Updates: “Use this connection when i click to download” What does that even mean?

In my opinion, this specific settings section needs and overhaul.

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