Problem with Nix-on-Droid on Android 5

Although it can be installed on Android 5 (32-bit architecture, ARMv7)

there is no bootstrap for this architecture
only aarch64

(Just for the record: maybe by changing the package initial input codes, One can create new packages to bootstrap other distros.
i.e., Ubuntu, Debian …etc)

Better ask upstream Issues · t184256/nix-on-droid · GitHub

As far as I know, Nix-on-Droid is based on Termux.
And Termux dropped its support for Android 5 in 2020.

NixOS doesn’t provide binary cache for armv7. See NixOS on ARM - NixOS Wiki and No support for 32-bit ARM CPUs (32-bit ARMNix was unable to install the bootstrap package) · Issue #5 · t184256/nix-on-droid · GitHub.

5 is back, see Problem with Termux on Android 5

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