Problem with Termux on Android 5

I installed the latest version of Termux on Android 5 (32-bit architecture, ARMv7)


but I encountered this bug.

Also, the older versions do not work at all.

Can someone fix this bug?

Minimum supported version is Android 7 yes?

I guess it’s gone now, even if it starts the repos won’t work for you, you won’t be able to install anything.

I have backup for old versions, but it doesn’t work at all to restore it.

Looking in Archive repo, the last compatible version for Android 5 is 0.75:

/LE: see below

Ah you were following this guide? Termux on android 5 or 6 · termux/termux-app Wiki · GitHub

No info in Enable support for android 5/6 for termux-app by agnostic-apollo · Pull Request #2740 · termux/termux-app · GitHub ?

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doesn’t work

You are using any VPN? Firewall?

/LE: works fine for me on Android 6 :person_shrugging:

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Wired, It doesn’t matter with or without vpn.

Wired is troublesome sometimes, try Wi-Fi or mobile data

Issue is that old links for bootstrap packages for Android versions 5 are not available anymore.

Known issue you mean?

It doesn’t work in any way, even with offline bootstrap, the only way is to fix the bug in the latest version 119.

Ok, then report this upstream: Issues · termux/termux-app · GitHub

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