Privileged installation problems


Hi everybody.
I am sorry if my question is funny…but

Note 9 - not rooted, oficcial ROM. no TWRP
F-Droid v.1-6-alfa1 ( I found it the latest one)
Privileged-extension - 0.2.9 (as well, hope this one is newest)

So…I have installed F-Droid.apk, just dropped it in folder on device and installed it. I know, the right way is to install via TWRP as ZIP file, but I didn’t unlocked my device yet, and as I said I steel have no TWRP.
After this, in the same way I have dropped “F-DroidPrivilegedExtension” in folder on the device and installed it as well.
The problem is that I can not install any soft, it says that “the privlieged permission have not been granted to the extension”.
I suspect that it is impossible to install the privileged extension on non rooted device, and I thing that I wont be able to use F-Droid, but want to hear your competent opinion.
Again…sorry if it was fun…newbie in *nix, qit, repo and all this staff.

P.S. I installed F-Droid with Privileged extension on my another device Z2pro (rooted with TWRP)LineAgeOS 14.1 and everything is OK…


Updating apps fails with privileged extension



You just press Install for each app… you are only loosing the ability to “auto-install updates” if you don’t have the privileged thing, BUT everything else works as expected.

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Ok, I have read about it, but i steel have same problem, I can’t install any apps, and it revoke installation by the message “the privlieged permission have not been granted to the extension”. Where is my misstake? How can I fix it? Any way, thank you for your replay.



Any insrtuction for right way installation for non rooted devices? Any steps to fix permissions?



I couldn’t find a mention of such an error message anywhere on the web. Could you post a screenshot of what happens when you try to install an app from F-Droid?



Yes, sure…



Well… it’s not working since you don’t have root…so why not uninstall it? (the privilege extension that is)

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I just noticed that some software is being installed, but not all. Some programs still respond the same message. For example, G-Droid does not accept installation. For sure. May be becouse I have installed it before and then uninstalled it?



ok, then while you are answer I will ask some more questions :blush:
If I will uninstall privileged permissions will F-Groid still work?
How to fix a bug with the G-Droid?
In case of installing F-Droid via simple way (not via TWRP zip) I am only loosing the ability to “auto-install updates” or F-Droid won’t update any apps include itself?..
Thank you very much for your time…



Wow… people…I have just uninstalled privileged permissions extension and everything fixed by itself…
Everything is working good. So will F-Droid update even not autoapdate?
Thanks for everybody who responds on qwestions. Licaon_Kter and paulakreuzer
I’ve got fixes



Does that mean that for non rooted devices it is not necessary to install privileged permission extension?



Yes, it’s okay without, you’ll get a notification (setup sync and internet access in Settings) that updates are available and do the work of pressing the buttons. :astonished: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great, thanks a lot! That is all I need.
So last question for clear understanding…
The privilege permission extension is just for rooted devices, isn’t it?

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The privileged extension only works on rooted devices, yes. But it’s not necessary for rooted devices. You can use F-Droid the standard way on a rooted device too.
It’s just necessary if you e.g. want F-Droid to auto-update your installed apps. Also on devices with Android versions lower than 8 (I think) it is helpful to allow F-Droid to install apps without having to tick the “allow unknown sources” setting.

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Now it’s clear for me. Thanks one more time