Play protect saying old version of apk does not contain latest privacy security in fdroid apk

It is saying it does not contain latast privacy stuff stange why it is saying that in my both devices i git the same error. I never got any error installing other apps but fdroid is saying a old build for anciant android so can you lookinto

Well yes, it’s not false. That’s what Google says about all the apps that have targetSdk lower than “what ever is the current one minus one” or so.

Not an issue…

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no you are wrong i have installed neo store and bromite from outside but it never ask for this minsdk stuff
i am sure there is a issue i can confirm with chromium from csagan and installed the same way i installed fdroid but the playprotect error only come up in fdroid

Ok, I didn’t specify which apps, lol

You’ve looked at those apps and their targetSdk is below 31? eg. use App Manager to find this

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BTW, OP snap shows FD app. I did not get it when I tried just now. I tried on A11, A12 and A13 set phones. Though I did get an error (vanished pretty fast), but was not minsdk issue for sure.

It’s not minSDK mind you…

i find the issue and i think it can be solved with using a newer sdk. which will result in unsupported many device but we can have 2 apps one with old sdk one with newer

It’s not that easy, each bump needs some work.

I would just use NeoStore or Droid-ify or other alternatives if you need a version with a newer SDK and features. F-Droid has gone the approach of backwards compatibility which I can understand but is worse for those on newer devices

How is it worse exactly? Which issue did you encounter on newer devices?

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Not regressions per se, just features like seamless updates on android 12, faster checking for updates, material ui etc that aren’t present on original

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Actually, F-Droid needs to increase targetSdk. That can be increased without dropping support for old devices.

minSdk = lowest Android version supported
targetSdk = newest Android version implemented

To (hopefully not too much) overly simplify it, If targetSdk is lower than the SDK on your device, Android apps run in some kind of “compatibility mode”, which is why this warning exists. Because theoretically an older targetSdk means a slightly less strict SELinux sandbox (and while SELinux is amazing technology, that’s not as scary as it sounds imho) and some permissions changes.

Don’t need to drop support for older devices for that, just nobody implemented it yet.

Last time I checked NeoStore and Droid-ify only supported English translations which means they can skip all the i18n support stuff which saves a lot of work. Has been a while since I checked though.

Also, for faster updates, you’ll love the upcoming F-Droid update. Index v2 is on its way to give an enormous speed up :slight_smile:

That’s more of a time and available resources issue too. And also a “nobody ever can agree on what’s good UI” issue. No matter what, some people will love and some will hate any change :slight_smile:

Summarizing: targetSdk needs to be bumped, there’s open GitLab issues for it on fdroidclient. If you can help that would be great, because F-Droid is permanently understaffed and could always use more people helping along (the sad part of being an Open Source project for the public good instead of a commercial project).


love to see this but i think fdroid need a cdn server just to provide icons and images as i have seen that most of the time though have a good low latency connection i see that icons images sometimes does not load it is a low grade experience we get even in my linux system it also have software center and never miss a screenshot from load or a icon so there is a issue in fdroid .
fdroid seems like a cheap store having a noble stuff still it have so many issues which are like strange
design lacks so much even droidi-fy or neo-store is more advance looking in design fdroid need serious work
ui need to be modernized fdroid is like a app from android 6 7 maybe 8 not upto android11 12 13 we need to look into that and a automatic update checking need to be implemented something like bromite it tell you a update is available. auto update is not important but at least it should notify for that a update is available i have to manually refresh and then update.

You’re definitely running into some kind of bug or network issue because icons load for me and F-Droid always notifies me of updates with no problem. No clue what is causing the problem you’re having though :frowning:


I have the issue too, I think what he is talking about is that some apps just don’t have images and lots don’t have banners. E.g. Aurora Store (Aurora Store | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository) and Mull (Mull | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository)

Maybe it’s on the developer side why they don’t show up on FDroid but it’s still somewhat annoying.

P.S. While I’m on the topic I think something that would be very useful is to filter available apps by repo

Report this to their developers so they can add Fastlane or Triple-T metadata to their repos.


The icon should work. For things like banner and screenshots the metadata needs to be refractored so it could pull the fastlane data from the repo, currently it attempts to get it from the fenix repo not mozbuild or mull-fenix.

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The icon doesn’t seem to be showing up in the app or website for whatever reason, I think even before the logo change this was the case

in my all devices fdroid never check it self for available updates