Play protect saying old version of apk does not contain latest privacy security in fdroid apk

Did you follow the steps?

Did you set both Wi-Fi and mobile data all the way to the right?

Detail what you did…

i am on wifi so i turn wifi to the right most option

Great, slide mobile data too… retest…

Be aware that F-Droid is built by volunteers who mostly do not get payed for what they do. So please don’t be that demanding. If you really want to change something fast, do it yourself / find someone that does the developing stuff. But please don’t put this toxic pressure on the devs, just because they don’t do enough in your opinion…

yes i know iam a long time linux user and contributor so i know how it works but you need to set a goal to work on next what i have said is a goal that nneed to be work on

sure i will and let you know if everything solves

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