"planet.f-droid.org" feed aggregator for android dev related blogs



Many communities host “planets” which aggregate the blogs of community members (see http://planet.fsfe.org or https://planet.jabber.org as examples).
Would there be interest in an fdroid / foss android development related planet? Does such a thing already exist maybe?

Hosting such a planet might help foss android projects to get more visibility and could encourage cooperation. It would also be a place, where free android projects could introduce their applications in more detail than just the fdroid app pages.

What do you think?


ThisWeekInFDroid kinda fills that, imho

PS. PlanetJabber is on automatic? The StPeter philosophy posts are (fun but) rather odd :slight_smile:


I think planet.jabber.org is just rather poorly maintained. And yeah, the point of a planet is, that users can register their blog there and the planet automatically shares their posts.

Sure, TWIF is news about apps, but it is written by the fdroid team only.


If stuff (fdroid users doing stuff) is mentioned @ the mastodon account it will end up it the TWIF.

First of all, is there any content that concentrates on F-Droid? Blogs? Something? Why weren’t they mentioned before? Why don’t they interact?

I feel this should grow out of a need, have said content first, then gather it on the planet, so far I didn’t see it. But then again I can’t see the whole internet.

Care to provide some links?


I’m not thinking of blogs solely related to FDroid, but more about blogs related to FOSS Android development. Accumulating such blogs might help the FOSS Android movement to grow.

I agree though, that such a thing should grow out of need. As I enjoy reading the above mentioned planets and I’d love have such a thing related to android development, I opened this thread mainly to see, whether there is interest from others as well :slight_smile:


Sounds like a nice idea to me. I could provide a VM to someone who wants to set it up and run it. As long as there are no objections from others.


Sounds like a nice idea. Wish it would cover android internals as well…
LineageOS started a 'Lineage Engineering ’ Blog, I think they might have done it. But they haven’t.


I like this idea. Now it “just” needs someone who has the time to maintain it for the longer term. And to set it up, of course.