"planet.f-droid.org" feed aggregator for android dev related blogs



This looks great!

Might be good to add http://planet.fsfe.org/ to the planetarium as well.


For now I have the rule to only add https sites to the planetarium :slight_smile:. But apparently they consider moving their planet to a gitlab page as well :smiley:.


FYI: There are some things I could need help on designwise :slight_smile:.
I opened some issues on the bugtracker to keep track of them.


Ah, okay. I was wondering why they weren’t on the list. Perhaps you should write that rule down somewhere. :slight_smile:


The repository has moved into the FDroid organization. It can now be found here and all previous links have been updated.

The resulting website will live here for the moment.

I did some work on the wiki, which now contains a small about page, as well as some rules about inclusion. Those are still up to debate of course.

Also I started to contact some blog owners (in case I could find their contact information) and asked if they’d like to have their blogs included in the planet. If you know any interesting blogs, please let me (or them) know :slight_smile:.

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