OSMAnd slow map rendering in recent releases

I’ve made a couple of posts about this a few years ago but it looks like it has reared its head again.

Starting with 4.0.x releases it would take 1-2 seconds to render the map as you scrolled around the screen

Starting with 4.1.11 it has gone to about 3-4 seconds for rendering on screen map which it appears to do in two layers

Noticing this on a Samsung Galaxy S9 running Android 10.

Is anyone else having similar slowness

Currently OsmAnd+ version on F-Droid only suggested (recommended) version 4.0.9

@naveen Which, from my original comment, renders slowly too

you many file an issue.

OsmAnd+ is open source community driven project it may sometime to solve the issue

It works fine with the play version of OsmAnd, this appears specific to F-droids compiled version (as it was previous times)

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