Osmand~ rendering is incredibly slow

Is anyone else experiencing major slowness in OsmAnd~ displaying map.

From startup it takes about 8 seconds to display the map tiles (I hope I am using the right term), before that you just get an empty map area.

Scrolling around or zooming out to show a wider area (more new tiles) takes just as long at about 7 to 8 seconds per new tiles you come to.

It makes OsmAnd~ very hard to use.

The version being used is 2.9.3

This is something I recall happening previously with the f-droid specific version of OsmAnd

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Is this related? https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/issues/1182

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Yes, now that you point it out. Route calculation is incredibly slow

I am running Lineage OS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2)

The workaround mentioned does not match what I have, developer options was off and when enabled OpenGL rendering is not on.


I experienced the same problems that you mentioned.
I run LOS 14.1 on a Nexus 9 tablet.
Downgrading/reinstalling to 2.8.2 “solved” the problem temporary.

In the version 2.9.3 I also noticed, that if I zoom in, the map got white.


Have you checked with the official osmand release from google play (or in the issue there is a direct apk download linked as well.) if it experiences the same behaviour?

Hi community,

I don’t have play, but I just tried the apk offered on their web page. It seems to work as expected.
I will test F-Droid’s newest version again later (can I upload screenshots/videos here?).

Regardless of that, I wonder if there is a fully free software alternative for OsmAnd+. As stated in the anti-features, the license for the layouts and artwork is proprietary (CC-SA-NC-ND). Also, I often find that the UI is quite bloated.


You could try Maps: https://f-droid.org/packages/com.github.axet.maps/

This is a fork of Maps.me removing the gazillion trackers present in the upstream project.

You should be able to upload screenshots and small videos here. A logcat output comparing the two builds might be helpful as well.

I’ve updated to 3.0 version on F-droid and it is a little improved but scrolling / rendering times are still about 3-5 seconds compared to 8 in the previous version

Yup, no (visible) change for me either. :frowning:

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