Operating System - which AOSP to choose?


Which open source system instead of Android is worth using, and worth to be recommended?

Phone is OnePlus 6.

This community seems to be quite informed, and I respect your opinion,

thank you!

ofcourse there are plenty of websides describing possibilities, but at the end there is just ONE system

Most will have buggy or not working features. Only you know which features you “must have.” So only you can decide. Or, if you wish to help with testing and development, that is another question. There are many systems, and trying them can be a hobby…

That’s a no go…

Get a better Android version, your device is supported by many AOSP projects


I mean - i would stay with Android, but not the pure one,

i i guess that i suppose to write
which AOSP Android Open Source Project
would you recommend?


OmniDroid is nice: https://dl.omnirom.org/oneplus6/

First test the untested version of DivestOS. Then if it doesn’t work, plain lineageOS or microg-lineage.

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