Oandbackup build for ARMv8-A

We need a build for ARMv8-A. The ARMv7-A (dk.jens.backup build 1302) doesn’t work in arm8 phones.


more info:

And did you report this to the developer?

This isn’t his fault. The app, since last submit, copies assets based on abi versión.

copyAsset(context, OAB_UTILS, OAB_UTILS);
final String assetPath = new File(getAbi(), OAB_UTILS).toString();
copyAsset(context, assetPath, OAB_UTILS);

There is two builds in fdroid repo, well. We need another for armv8 phones, or one with all the arm/x86 architectures.

I don’t know why build x86 & armv7 and leave armv8.

Thank you all for your work.

My fault. I assumed it worked like JNI, falling back to armv7 on armv8 devices.

Will fix today.

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I took a look but somehow on my VM it fails to find aarch64 and x86_64 NDK stuff (clang?) to build for some reason.

FYI you need target 21 (instead of 18) for 64bit :wink:

Unfortunately, there’s a problem in armv8 version of oandbackup. I’ve notified the developer, waiting for the fix.

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@naima_b, I’ve added oandbackup 0.3.3 for arm64 and x86_64 in 67bb000. Should be available in a few days.

Most F-Droid users will probably use an arm (not arm64) device for which there is no longer a version of oandbackup, because there are only versions for three other architectures. :confused: In addition, a version for a different architecture is recommended as an update. :roll_eyes: The best thing would be if F-Droid could detect the existing architecture itself, or if it could at least be set as an option.


It already does…if the package says it’s for an arch you can install it. Also you can install from a different one my enabling that option in F-Droid settings, that “incompatible” switch.

This ( https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/commit/cacfcebb88f48a1b83eee410f37b7d065cd40e9a ) already makes all the versions available (0.3.2 for arm/x86 and 0.3.3 for 64bit versions).

Refresh your repo! :wink:

Also this: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/issues/1366#note_114389258

So you have the latest version! As the notes say, 0.3.3 was just a fix for 64bit: https://github.com/jensstein/oandbackup/commit/f6af834a4d727b0b7c4fc34a9181122847963e69

Oh, I see… but any attempt to update will fail, right?

Just see if this information is helpful:
ARMV7A(32bit) - your device needs to have a ARM SoC. This is for most devices and it doesn’t matter whether your SoC is 32bit or 64bit, this will work on all.
ARMV8A(64bit) - your device needs to have a 64bit ARM SoC as well as running a 64bit version of Android. This is limited to only a handful of devices as most only have a 32bit version of Android. If you don’t know then install ARMV7A (32bit).

turnkey pcb

oandbackup 0.3.4 is live.

I recommend everyone who has 0.3.2–0.3.3 uninstall it and install 0.3.4 instead. This has to be done manually because 0.3.2–0.3.3 had higher version code than 0.3.4.

I found version 0.3.x disappeared from repo AND from the archive. How come? is it a usual practice? Is there the archive of the archive?

I found version 0.3.x disappeared from repo AND from the archive. How come? is it a usual practice?

Not ususal, but we delete builds when they don’t work or contain proprietary bits.

Is there the archive of the archive?

No. They’re gone.

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