TWO ERROR IN OANDBACKUP v.0.3.5 Universal (Oab utils & Super user permissions)

Dear All:

  1. I installed the latest suggested oandbackup, and it displays the following two error messages when opening the application:
  • Could not find oab-utils - running in legacy mode.
    And then.
  • It was not possible to obtain super user- permissions.
  1. I looked for this topic in the forum, and I have found a very technical answer and discussions on this problem in the the thread
    Oandbackup build for ARMv8-A
    (ARMv8-A, ARMv7-A, copyAsset(context, OAB_UTILS, OAB_UTILS);, final String assetPath = new File(getAbi(), OAB_UTILS).toString();copyAsset(context, assetPath, OAB_UTILS);, x86 & armv7 and so on …

  2. Question: Does anyone know what this error means and how can I solve it?. I have a lot of F-Droid apps installed on my mobile phone (S-8, Android v.9) without problems and I don’t know how an app shows this problem as soon as I open it for the first time. I´m a general user level and the discussion thread of this problem surpasses me.

Thanks in advance for your support.

How did you get ROOT access on this device? Magisk?

Dear Licaon:
I haven´t tried access to ROOT. This two error messages appears automatically when I open the app:

  • First of all the first message concerning to oab-utils.
  • And after that, when I pick Accept it appears the second one concerning to the super-user permissión.

The app NEEDS root access, if you don’t have it it won’t work.

Thanks for your quick answer. I now have seen the information about the app needs root access (I´m sorry!!!).
1st. I never have made a root access. Do you know some guideline document for user level (no expertise) in this field?.
2nd. For security reasons. I would like to backup previoussly my device. Do you know a Backup app to made this without root access?.
Thanks in advance for your usefull support.

See the XDA forum section for your device

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