No apps for install: Error getting F-Droid index file


I have a new smartphone (LG K8-2017: Android 6) and I rooted (with TWRP and Magisk) and deleted all google apps: Google Play Services, Chrome, Google Play, etc. Then I installed F-Droid: downloaded official apk (v. 1.9) on PC and moved to phone for install. But, when I update the repository I have the next error message:

Error getting F-Droid index file -> no mirrors available

Well, I don’t see none app for install, thru today I’ve installed all my apps downloaded the apk’s from, but, You know that ways sucks. Searching on web, this forum and gitlab page, I tried the next solutions, but none of which works:

  • Force old index format: Active this option on Settings > Expert Mode > Force old index format. Then I try update repositories but nothings happens and I have a different error message: Error getting F-Droid index file -> Unable to resolve host "": No address associated with hostname

  • Use a different mirror: Add a mirror for official repository and nothing happens.

  • Use an alternative repository: Add a different repository, and again, no load apps.

  • Install previous version. Pick a various previous versions from here. Same situation: no apps.

  • Clear app data, cache. Nothing happens.

Please, Can you help me? Maybe F-Droid need a google/android dependency that I could delete, I don’t know or a weird error is living in android 6.

It seems something is blocking F-Droid’s network access. Are you using a firewall or Orbot?
Does it happen with an alternative client like Foxy Droid or Aurora Droid?

Two days later, F-Droid runs very well. I didn’t use firewall, Orbot or VPN. Maybe my ISP provider, but I don’t know. All this is very weird, anyhow now I can use F-Droid and feel nice and free.

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