NewPipe, Clipious or LibreTube ? which is better and why?


I don’t know but I like Clipious and NewPipe …

thanks !

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You tell us, install each, test :wink:


Also check the PipePipe which is the “NewPipe, but better - browse the most popular streaming platforms throughout the world.”

But the most advanced is the SmartTube which uses the YT API

But it’s not available in the F-Droid and supports only Android TV (but still works on phone in Landscape only mode).

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well, for me as of today: NewPipe can’t get any data, can only see channel subscriptions through Channel Groups Tab but can’t fetch nothin’, ditto for PipePipe; LibreTube can find a channel and load details but can’t get it starting to play. never tried Clipious.

I’d say it’s mainly a “what do you prefer?” Kind of thing cause all of these have their pros and cons.

Like for example Clipious and Libretube are generally more private by default configuration due to them connecting to invidious instances instead of YouTube directly like newpipe does.

However newpipe has advantages like being able to access more than just YouTube and has a significantly better downloader than libretube imo (idk about clipious tho)

Also libretube’s way of downloading is arguably more private but at the cost of convenience since it stores the downloads in it’s own android data folder which apps are not normally allowed to access (apart from their own of course)

Libretube also has picture in picture which newpipe doesn’t have but implements it in it’s own way using the display over other apps permission. Not a big difference lmao

But ultimately as of right now libretube isn’t working for me. Newpipe works fine for me though. And yes I do use both


works fine here

Newpipe has PiP, what do you mean?


My apologies I meant the Picture-in-picture access specifically. It instead uses the display over other apps permission for this kind of functionality

Not that it matters too much but I tend to prefer apps that use the actual Picture-in-picture access is all

can you post a picture of the two different things? I can’t remember which is which :slight_smile:

If you are talking about how different they are in the execution of app functionality there isn’t that much of a difference. Mainly cause it’s the same intended function between both apps. I just prefer Picture-in-picture cause it feels smoother and more clean to me

Which is why I felt it important to mention it on the matter of preference even if it’s ultimately not a big difference nor a big deal

Which I will edit my original post to further clarify on newpipe’s end lol

Ah, right, different permission.

Because it gives you access to all platforms, has Polycentric comments, and is FOSS.

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Just did my own research and testing with it since I didn’t originally know about it at first.

Seems very promising for those who want a all in one solution!

In my case I have been looking for a twitch client specifically and this seems to work well despite not even completely finished with the twitch plugin. Thanks for informing about such a application

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grayjay is not FOSS. Its source code is available but not under a FOSS license.


I expected that sadly but forgot to mention that in my original post. That is truly a shame.

But at least it’s not proprietary. Anyways thanks for the clarification to everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:

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not-FOSS = proprietary

It has released some source code? Mmmkay, still proprietary…

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Personally my favorite, if it would work regularly, is libretube. it has a nice interface but more importantly it runs everything through piped so you never even have to interact with Google’s servers. Unfortunately the piped instances I end up with are very hit and miss as to if they’ll actually load a video. In fact it hasn’t worked in quite some time.


Okay then if so I’m okay with apps as long as bare minimum they have their entire source code available to be checked out by anyone even if they are proprietary

However after doing some extra research on the matter it does seem like it’s not even fully open source. Again yet another shame.

Well this will be my time to uninstall then lmao cause I don’t need the twitch integration THAT badly and I strive to use only fully FOSS apps as much as possible. Which newpipe does that well enough

Still though I wish it well the devs don’t seem like bad people and I can see the value @aotektrue sees in it. Hopefully one day the devs will make it fully FOSS but I’m not going to be holding out for that


Maybe they’ll make the app fully and really open source in the future.


Any idea how is clipious?