Newapp: Secreto por Androido

The name itself (AutoName (Sekreto)) has not changed. Changed com.example.secreto to com.example.sekreto.

yes, that was the confusing part you said NAME, but it meant APPID, and that one needs the “old” app to disappear from F-Droid and to add a “new” app.

So users that installed it will never get updates ever again…

This is of course unpleasant, but users will be able to find the author, and then the new repository, if they are not as stupid as, for example, me. :melting_face:

They will see the new application on the main page and in the corresponding section in f-droid itself, just like the old application. :upside_down_face:

done Secreto appid change to Sekreto (774800a2) · Commits · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

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Many thanks!

It seems we completely forgot about changelogs!

Can we use the fastlane directory to get localization for changelogs? Starting with the next version, of course!

That is, in the directory fastlane/metadata/android/XXX/changelogs/
Where XXX is the language.

Files will be created whose names correspond to the current version. For example, 1.0.3.txt for the next version, 1.0.4.txt for the one that comes after, and so on. These files will contain a list of changes.

Fastlane file structure ($1895688) · Snippets · GitLab3.txt 4.txt etc, versionCode

That is, we don’t need to rename the ru directories to ru_RU, etc?

Okay, then please add changelogs.

we don’t need to rename the ru directories to ru_RU, etc?

looking at Sekreto | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository I guess not

Okay, then please add changelogs.

no, you… :slight_smile: