New UI / UX of F-Droid app


I certainly will do as soon as it’s available (currently there’s not even a tag, let alone a release with an .apk file; and of course I’d happily host it via my repo “until it’s mature” – after that it rather should be in the official repo – so if @Bubu provides me a download link, I’m all game). As I’m about to flash the microG brand of LineageOS on my new device, I’ll have the “main client” pre-installed.

That’s meant as a joke, isn’t it? How would you tell there which apps came from F-Droid? I meanwhile found the place (in Settings it is).

Ah, that’s good. Yes, with the old client the error came from the package installer – i.e. after download. OK, that makes that reason obsolete – but still the point remains important. What about apps available in multiple repos when one first wants to install such? For example in mine and in main; I’d have to decide whether I want fast updates/the latest version, or rather the trust of the main repo. In this example, overlaps are minimal between our repos – but mine has the latest version of some apps the official repo no longer updates (as they do not meet the inclusion criteria anymore).

I’d second that. And yes, the arguments following it as well :wink: But I’m still confused by those “tiles” (my usual reaction on such design: “If I want tiles, I visit the bathroom”; tiles may be fine for unstructured things (collage), but IMHO are no good for things that should be “organized”, like app listings). For the user, it’s not clear why one tile is larger and the other smaller. Is the “larger app” to be preferred? Is it more important? What is the reason that some span the entire line while at other places multiple apps share a line? How can I sort a list alphabetically (very useful e.g. when “scanning” a large category carefully – so I can remember I’ve stopped at “H” when I take a break)? The current order seems very random.

I very much hope for @Bubu’s classic client. I’ve already asked for an optional list view in the main client, and my request was rejected – so the classic client is all that remains :blush:



It’s not ready yet, progress is tracked here:

I’m currently on vacation, so it’ll likely be a few weeks before anything will happen on that front.



While I’m sure we are all excited for @Bubu’s fork of the old UI, I am announcing a still in development fork of the NEW F-Droid UI.

This fork aims to ultimately address the following issues:

  • (complete) Updates tab is mostly blank by default
  • (complete) Updates tab does not reveal any information about the updates (only what apps can be updated)
  • (roadmap) Installed apps are hard to find
  • (roadmap)The shapes of the apps in the Latest tab have no significance

Feel free to grab the code on Gitlab and fork again. Also, any contributions that would be accepted by F-Droid should be directed upstream as my fork is a soft fork and intends to track continued development of the official F-Droid client.



@blendergeek Does

mean that some of your innovations/improvements would also be submitted upstream, to be possibly included in official client?



If I write something that I think upstream will accept, I will submit it there rather than on my fork. But so far they have rejected the one patch I made because it didn’t fall into their vision.

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Great work ! :sunny:thank you.



Maybe I get lucky?


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For your interest, there is also another F-Droid client called M-Droid just here (download available via the release section) but it doesn’t work for me…



Would it be too “meta” to include it in F-Droid? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



:open_mouth: I’d no idea that there were so many F-Droid clients! Maybe start w/ another wiki topic here on Forum linking to all known/proposed/WIP F-Droid clients?

& then RFP from there, as clients come to release?



Please answer an old man’s question. I just downloaded this. Is there any positive guarantee that the apps within all these repos on M Droid safe? It’s a foolish question but humor me.



The apps come from the repos, the same repos you can add to F-Droid in the first place. Check their addresses :wink:



I appreciate the reply. I understand about repos. I have the Guardian Project, Briar Project and, of course, Izzy’s :smile: already. So the take away: F-Droid repos have been okayed by F-Droid. [You children must think I’m senile. In another 94 years I may well be. Always the humor…)



Good idea yeah :smiley:
I hope it’ll work for other people than me !


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(Since New UI / UX of F-Droid app is closed I try here : )
@Bubu @Izzy @hans I’ve added basic Shortcut & Tile (7.1/api25 min) to F-Droid_client (1.5a2), I thought it may solve missing classic “feeling” with a straight “classic” access to Settings/ManageInstalledApps basic list (?).

jic, I’ve uploaded a (null)signed fdroid.apk edition with diff/commit here
EDIT added debug with large heap

screenshot :

(btw, If you have a GSI/Treble compatible device, latest phhusson’s Pie system.img, with full @ale5000 implementation of microG is available here Included is old UI upgradable&downgradable 0.102)

I also wonder if future editions of fdroidClient could take advantage of some “augmented” priv-app permission (and thus installed as /system/priv-app pre-signed apk when ro.control_privapp_permissions=enforce) ?


F-droid doesn't show images/app icons

(seems no one interested by shortcuts and notification fdroid tile ?!)

For the fun, also added longClick in general AppCardController and one icon/menu in AppDetailsActivity to launch browser straight to “”

@Licaon_Kter , I was referring to these icon/menu in top/AppDetailsActivity (details2.xml) to add a [report] button, but that also suppose a link to 2 threads ( 1 for paid & 1 for other specifics: root, read_logs or foss trackers… ) which would be always open on fdroid forum, and with anonymous reply possibility (?). This way, it would create some dynamics between the client app and the forum.



Thanks. These all make true sense now :wink:



I’m still on demand with such classic client, any news ?