New UI / UX of F-Droid app



@All AFAICT, it’s not a “rejection” (issues


remain [currently] open, after all), but a matter of priorities. F-Droid team has their hands full w/ the current set of work, & must choose as they do to keep things moving (as much as they are). AFAIK, they’d prefer other devs take over ancillary forks, &c, to lighten the load.

TLDR: They’d be happy to work with, but don’t have capacity to do more.

Solution: More devs need to come onboard & answer the call for action!


No offense meant. All I wanted to say that an XOR would always have that tendency :wink:

@TPS Yes, I’m aware there’s a shortage of devs. Hence I explicitly mentioned the preparations Hans is making. If that succeeds, all what’s needed would be creating a “classic UI” that calls to the core – which could be a third party app, while the core will be maintained by the F-Droid team.


@Izzy No offense meant to you, either, as you seem somewhat in the same position as I — understanding that there’s an impressive amount of work behind all these “small” (hrmph) requests, without being any kind of Android dev, & so are willing to give a lot of latitude to those that do all this. :bowing_man:

I submit that another thing we motivated non-devs can is encourage those that can to do when they haven’t. It’s a reason why you run a repo, & we (& those like us) encourage devs to be published via F-Droid & perhaps can also persuade those (or others) to work on F-Droid itself (or related projects, like these RFEs).


@TPS sure: if I meet a UI dev with idle time, I know what task to recommend :rofl:


Hi there again. A few things would make life with the new UI much better:
On the App Details page there is no indication of what version of an app is installed (and if there are updates, there is no indication of the updated version number). It is possible to get the information if you unfold the version list (unless your installed version number is older than the list shown) but it is rather tricky to find out. This used to be much better shown in the old UI. It is a rather small detail, but one that annoys me often :smiley:


More than a year has passed since the introduction of the New UI / UX so it seems legitimate to ask:

How has it worked out?

More specifically, what is the effect on the download numbers/traffic of the FDroid.apk itself and the downloaded applications?


That could have been my words! I have a group of people here who got their smartphone from me without google but with fdroid. I showed all of them the Fdroid-app with the new UI und got them to try it. All 7 rejected the new UI. They all had no difficulties with the app-version 0.102.3. So: what is the advantage of the new UI. It looks better?

Proposal: offer both versions of the app. Version 0102.3 for “old” people and the version above 1.0 for those who like a modern look and everything “automatic=on” …



There isn’t any advantage. It’s just a bunch of wanna-be GUI script-kiddies who somehow got the idea that they actually know anything about designing a GUI showing their basic ignorance of the subject,just like Gnome 3 crowd does.