New UI / UX of F-Droid app



If dorks like you don’t like hearing that you’ve come up with a
totally lame interface for a sofware package that serves absolutely no
useful purpose,and gets in the way more than it helps and basically
kills the device it’s installed on if it’s not the latest overpriced
google or apple piece of shit hardware on the market then don’t ask
people what they think about it.


I am not feeding the troll. I am not feeding the troll. I am not feeding the troll…
/me takes a deep breath.
I could be writing that I am not an f-droid developer at all, and I could write that I do prefer the old UI interface, and I could explain that this does not entitle me to offend those that do contribute. But you are clearly not interested in such a conversation nor are you willing to listen, so I will simply ignore you.


“I think putting “installed programs” in “updates”, and just sorting the list after updated most recently makes sense.”

Yep sorting them, which need updates first.

I also noticed the list was always empty!



Hello @c.lee,

thank you for joining us in the forum. It is sad to hear that you do not like the new interface of F-Droid, but that’s OK. We live in a world where everyone can have their own opinion about things.
What’s not OK, however, is how offensive you talk about your “discontent”.

As many people already have said, F-Droid is free and open source software and therefore everyone has the right to modify the software to it’s own needs. Like I and many other people have wrote, we as the team of F-Droid are very open to merge requests on the code of the Android client to make the application more “usable” to people who prefer the old design of F-Droid. Another option is “F-Droid Light” which we quoted a lot of times, too.

I hope you understand why I as a moderator of the F-Droid forum think that I need to change my moderation strategy. In the past I have left very offensive posts, like your’s is one, in place, but I don’t see any constructive feedback here. Therefore, this is an official public warning that from now on offensive trolling posts will be deleted from topics. For transparency reasons I will move them to a public post so people can see which posts got deleted. As of today, we as F-Droid never deleted any post for other reasons than spam.



When should we close topics? (autoclose?)
Searching for help with moderation

Since 0.104 Design/Usability really sucks, so I’m still using F-Droid 0.102.3.
In every newer versions I’m missing a normal list of apps. I can just see chaotic tiles in different sizes with really bad overview. And I cannot switch between “What’s New” and “Recently Updated” Apps anymore. :frowning:


I’m totally down with the other people criticizing the new UI of F-Droid. It is really not user-friendly for people on the Aspergers spectrum, who like ordered lists and categorizations and get anxious by graphical overstimulation. I think a Classic mode should be introduced, that will keep it white and simple, because not all devices have loads of computation power. Also Categories could be optional and switched on or off.

I still use a Samsung Galaxy S2 which has been dropped support for many popular apps from Google Play Store already. The same applies to modern websites, who are often overloaded with interactive contents, which frequently crashes the browser (this forum software also does that btw). It’s over 6 years old and is still in great shape, but most commercial developers don’t care, because they make shitload of money and never have financial problems upgrading and replacing their devices.

There is this eternal development race (apart from the mandatory security updates) of competing to make the biggest and most wonderful pile of code, because without constant innovation programmers would lose their jobs, so capitalism is to blame for this structural systemic failure of logical sense. The BSD/GNU approach would be to Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS), which means to make simple tools and libraries, that work well, but do ‘piping’ when you need additional features to avoid ‘featurecreeping’.


Thanks @Karmus for your message.
It’s sad for people having an handicap and people not having a lot of money.
I think the Categories are useful to quickly check applications on the same domain.
Maybe we should at F-Droid Team make another effort (Best effort) to help people having handicap…
I think it’s already defined in Guardian project.

Edit: As Peter said : " I am a strong believe that F-Droid is great because it is translated into so many different languages. I’m also a strong believe that we should make every effort to make it usable by people with various impairments."