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That’s correct, @Bubu, thank you for deleting it. I would like to therefore raise a new topic here.

I already asked @relan once whether they want to become moderator of the forum and now want to ask publicly for this. A lot of trusted people are already at user trust level 3 or 4 which gives them many rights like @Bubu has shown with hiding this topic. This releases some work from me as the only active moderator at the moment, but there are still some things to do that only moderators can do.

For example this post. The user wrote this two days ago but I saw it today by accident because I do not browse the forum that often but mostly only join it when getting notified by mail. So approving posts Discourse marks as potentially wrong is one thing. The other thing is reviewing posts users flagged by some reason.

These are the two main things that only moderators can do. Because I think there are other users more active in the forum, I would like to add some new moderators to the forum. I haven’t had the time to wrote some kind of moderation manifest but this posts explains my style.

We can have a discussion about whether this is the correct style, but until we have this I would like the new moderators to align with this defensive/passive moderation style, mostly only deleting spam.

So after this long text, here is a list of people I think of potential moderators. If you think you are right for this job, too, feel free to reply to this topic. If someone thinks one of the persons mentioned here should not become moderator, please write me a private message with an explanation.

@anon99929151 @Bubu @relan


I’ve previously searched how to delete posts, then found the unlist button which mostly solved this issue.

I can do more moderation jobs here, it shouldn’t take much time, especially if the work is shared. I’ll likely be here infrequently as well but that means sometimes multiple times a day, sometimes every few days.


Hey @NicoAlt,

Thanks for the vote of confidence.
I’m already moderating on the Fairphone forum, but I do think I’d have time for both.
Whenever I’m on my computer I have 5 discourse forums open in tabs and the F-Droid forum is one of those where I’m already reading every new post anyway.

:heavy_plus_sign: I have experience moderating and know my way around discourse.
:heavy_minus_sign: I sometimes don’t find the right words (be it because english is my second language or because of temper), in those cases it’s better another moderator writes a public statement like the one you quoted above, instead of me.
:heavy_plus_sign: I’m online a lot.
:heavy_minus_sign: Should I ever be very busy (almost never happens) I’d prioritize the Fairphone forum.
:heavy_plus_sign: I’m a heavy F-Droid user and can help most noobs with questions up to flashing the privileged extension.
:heavy_minus_sign: Many forum-users will probably expect that an F-Droid forum moderator has some developing experience, which I absolutely don’t. On the Fairphone Forum people often confuse me with a FP employee, but such mix-ups are easily clarified.
:heavy_plus_sign: Last but not least: I’m happy to do it.

PS: Shouldn’t this be in #general?


That’s absolutely OK, as we are all volunteers everyone does how much they can do. Thank you for willing to do it!

That’s great, thank you a lot for being active here!

English is also not my native language and therefore I needed a lot of time to let the text from above sound that “beautifully”. Thank you for the compliment, by the way :stuck_out_tongue: If you every need help with some English text style, you can always write to other moderators where some of them are natives.

That’s no problem, we are all volunteers here.

That’s great!

That’s no problem here, I guess. People contribute to F-Droid in many ways and therefore we changed the title from “F-Droid Developers” to “F-Droid Contributors”. If you want, I can also add you to that group. Just request it on the group page.

That’s great, thank you a lot for this.

@Bubu @anon99929151 Thank you both a lot for your offer to help. You’re now both moderators of F-Droid’s forum. Welcome aboard :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re right, but for some reason Discourse did not let me do that. Now it seems to work…

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