New TWIF Submission Thread

Dolphin Official release: Dolphin Emulator - Dolphin Releases Announcement

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@SkewedZeppelin @relan if 128 is so problematic by next week, maybe you can pen a small snippet for the TWIF, explain the issues F-Droid encounters when trying to build Mozillas code and etc?


Client and Basic 1.21.0-alpha0 will be live, the changelog can be pasted directly, imho, the new stuff is really nice: · master · F-Droid / Client · GitLab

Podcini.R replaces Podcini

On getting my new version Podcini.R listed, linsui and Licaon_Kter have been very helpful. There were some issue on getting a reproducible build, linsui patiently provided lots of assistance in getting the build right. I here express my appreciation for their work.

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Thanks for the note and help, Licaon_Kter.

The name should be Podcini.R

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RustDesk 1.2.6 update:

  • Fixes security vulnerabilities in embedded libaom and libvpx. Users are strongly encouraged to update RustDesk clients and self-hosted servers ASAP!

  • Fixes QA regression that previously used prebuilt vcpkg (reported by @Licaon_Kter)

  • The build suppprt for android-x86 architecture was dropped due to excessive complexity and Flutter fix resolving it waiting for upstream approval.

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SensorServer not reproducible anymore. Update SensorServer meta data (!15371) · Merge requests · F-Droid / Data · GitLab