New Mull Logo - version 2.0


I made an updated suggestion for the logo. Can also be found @ GitLab: New logo for Mull (#53) · Issues · DivestOS Mobile / Mull-Fenix · GitLab


We just got the new one, why change it?

Some reasons:

  • Make it look more like a raccoon and not a badger
  • Improve contrast and add some more colours

@SkewedZeppelin where is the design document deciding on the actual animal reference? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It is based on what @SkewedZeppelin wrote in an earlier thread:

I have updated the post with more suggestions and some text.

One more reason:

Actually I could live with current icon if background would be with different color. But have to say it’s far from being my favourite, maybe old one wasn’t either but it was better at least.

As an extra though about possible new icon. Maybe icon could be somehow similar to Fennec icon (same family after all), could similar color from actual animal be used like fennec uses similar colors from fox? Don’t know how it would work & does @SkewedZeppelin have any plans to even change icon…

But like I think I said in one of earlier threads. At the end it’s developers decision.

Made a new version with a grey icon:

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