New, Concerned, Angry

Back in the early days, I would go to AF during the Froyo/Gingerbread to learn how to & get apks etc… but now, I’m concerned more about my privacy. Everyone who uses a smartphone are open season to any and ALL data analytics concerns, and we know who most of these are.

It has gotten out of hand.

So, here I am. I’m learning like a noob - but I have read good things about F-Droid.

I hope that you guys can help.

Ah, the whining coming from the Android peanut gallery… sorry, folk…



An article to get you started.

Here’s a topic that might have more info.

In terms of video-conferencing solutions there’s solutions from free-software like Nextcloud, Jitsi, openmeetings(?) and others. Due to the latest controversies you should find articles on the web by lots of freedom-software advocates on the subject.

Hope this helps in some way and goodluck.

Did you search?

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An article to get you started (URL FIXED)

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